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Drumsound & Bassline Smith – RU Ready (Dubstep Mix)

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25 Responses to “Drumsound & Bassline Smith – RU Ready (Dubstep Mix)”

  1. DoctorHAXx64 says:

    My cat just barked …

  2. poWeRdubst says:

    Explosivo jeje me gusta =)

  3. poWeRdubst says:

    jojojo me gusta jejeje wow explosibo


    Tantrum Desire – Body Shots sound clip at 2:14

  5. greg8762baby says:

    stupid random voice> in the song.> “RU Ready for the most annoying voice in the song “”>.> Thank you Jesus ruined another good song

  6. ollied10stair says:

    @ Aflguy35cp NVM I found a thank you

  7. BieberStylez says:

    lmao I had the song for my hip-hop concert dance:)

  8. Aflguy35cp says:

    @ Ollied10stair Search for “Ministry Of Sound: Sound of Dubstep” or Video2mp3 ยท net

  9. ollied10stair says:

    Who knows where this download .. ive searched for a torrent, but cannot find one

  10. 3ch0er says:

    @ 3ch0er WOW I GOT to make a first-class comment? w000000000t LOL

  11. JagoReedJones says:

    @ Peterinfamilyguy there is a VIP

  12. peterinfamilyguy says:

    From whom is this dubstep mixed by?

  13. leser416 says:

    @ 3ch0er hahahahahahaha

  14. peterinfamilyguy says:

    Dubstep mix is much better =)

  15. ATOMIKnl says:

    lol, I was looking for this song, and I thought, this is not the greatness I remember it was to be. seemed I was to listen to D’n’B sleep: P

  16. nickisboss1995 says:

    This was harder than my balls in the eighth grade …

  17. XxgoldblowsxX says:

    @ TheMrMe89 No

  18. TreverCrocker527 says:

    Rip the audio from this tune on speedy conversion d0ht c0hm.

  19. jaziz69 says:

    @ Indecentdub hahaha. yes mate.

  20. medionbox says:

    do @ Adiosk8rdude2ersten clicking anywhere (select on the screen) on the white part of the screen and then press F11 and hold it as long as you:)

  21. conVersecontroL says:

    Fuckin best Dubstep Mix evaRRR!

  22. adiosk8rdude2 says:

    @ 3ch0er did nothing

  23. jackmallett1000 says:

    This song is fat as your mothers

  24. Natasmai56667 says:

    @ Bheemabhagawan I hate it when that happens!

  25. tajtaj99 says:

    Tyrannosaurus by strings

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