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Volvo Trucks – Globetrotter cab celebrates 30th anniversary – as of 1979

When the Globetrotter cab was launched, Volvo expected to sell a few hundred cabs a year. But this niche product quickly became a success. This year, 30 years after it was launched, nine out of ten new Volvo FH trucks have a Globetrotter cab. Now, just like at the outset, the Globetrotters key concepts are driver environment and world class cab comfort. Read the press release: www.volvo.com
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16 Responses to “Volvo Trucks – Globetrotter cab celebrates 30th anniversary – as of 1979”

  1. andrzejtrucker says:

    best Volvo ever built, I drive FH13 and like it , but if F10/12 range would still be available as new trucks I would buy it:-)even the cab was better for inside space, not mentioning outside mirrors which are dangerous in FH because of blindspots they create…

  2. andrzejtrucker says:

    @zileevropa I tottaly agree, they were much better lorries than them new FH…

  3. 1999kenwortht300 says:

    check it out it’s andy gibb from the beegee’s

  4. eflkmlfk says:

    chuck norris??

  5. chrisyboy28 says:

    i am thinking about doing my class 1 i want to work for a company that goes all over Europe and has decent trucks i live in the Newcastle area any one who can give me the names of any companies that do this kind of work please let me know it would be appreciated cheers

  6. zileevropa says:

    This cabin has more space than the new Volvo FH

  7. difflok says:

    cool old truck…..nice 70s porno music too lol

  8. 321HITMAN123 says:

    only thing i would find anoyin with tht is geting from 1 side of the cab to the other without geting out of the cab but its would be cool to have it!

  9. geati6783 says:

    no flat tv inside? 8(

    looks comfy for this time…

  10. fatmanracing says:

    Time warp….or what …………………lol.

  11. haardkaar says:

    Nice interior. I would like to cook myself some dinner and take a nap in there.

  12. eryk1988 says:

    Jak na tamte lata to bardzo wysoki komfort

  13. actros777 says:

    Old Volvo Look Good 5/5

  14. R62Longline says:

    I like this globe…
    and the kitchen on the motortunnel…


    considering its from 1979 the cab and interior is well ahead of its time here

  16. aid2003 says:

    At this time one of the biggest cabs..

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