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Dummy (2002) Trailer

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Steven Schoichet is a recently unemployed ne’er-do-well who has difficulty expressing himself. Steven’s best friend is Fangoria “Fanny” Gurkel, an aspiring punk rock singer who, along with Steven, just looking for their niche. Eventually Fanny takes a shine to Yiddish klezmer music and Steven finds he has a knack for ventriloquism. Through his newfound talent Steven discovered that he is able to overcome his social problems through his dummy and decides to try impressing and winning the heart of Lorena Fanchetti.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Dummy (2002) Trailer”

  1. GianneDaSamurai says:

    Compare this with Adrien Brody in “The Pianist” ^ _ ^

  2. 100irissa says:

    Shit, Christ! I really really really hate this ventriloquist puppets can stand I do not, but the movie looks kinda cute. How can I see without seeing, that “thing”?

  3. lya128 says:

    Adrien is so adorable in this movie * O *

  4. BlownUpProjects says:

    this Adrien Brody Adrien Brody in comparing the “robbers” haha

  5. Julie3476 says:

    ?-Steven, you do TUNA SANDWICH-I ‘!? M on the phone-you-hungry I’m on the phone -? Ok, you want a sandwich * Love Brody

  6. boatgoat1965 says:

    Oh Mr. Brody, why you have to be so incredibly hot. Especially the voice.

  7. cingle2004jp says:

    It is only dummy that there be for something as common as money .. but funny

  8. charlizegladi says:

    ok .. Film is not bad … Clock value once .. slowly … Adrien broody looks good and does good…5/10

  9. deedumx says:

    Adrien Brody is breathtaking.

  10. jakekk says:

    lolol its pronounced “yovovich ‘not a j.. How can the followers did something wrong

  11. Seventwo1122 says:

    @ Lizzielonglegs try to look for “love the hard way” and also “the jacket”, he was great in “Hollywood” and a film called oxygen “is fantastic with him as well

  12. nocountry4oldfreeman says:

    @ Mayonaises2002 The trailer is terrible, but the film itself is actually quite watchable.

  13. scrainbow1234 says:

    @ Mayonaises2002 Shut the fuck up nobody cares what you think. only you weg.Wenn to things you do not look just at a smart ass oh in better than all of you comments, you are the Last.FUCKIN TROLL.

  14. scrainbow1234 says:

    “When you are working *… …* Kicks copier is meaningless.” His voice when he says, “it is my job consultants.” rofl “I am your prescription I love !!!!!” Adrien Brody and this trailer! Want to see the movie so bad!

  15. mayonaises2002 says:

    WOW That looks funny! Just a joke I’d rather get cancer than have to sit through. If you enjoy movies like this, you are a burden on society.

  16. chagy93204 says:

    Lorena ….. I’m in love …. They are hot.

  17. LyndaHudson says:

    @ Kutie088 I know right, he is absolutely adorable in this!

  18. MamaHorror says:

    I love this movie.

  19. NotSoAmericanIdiot says:

    “‘m Steven, do you want a tuna sandwich I ?””…. on the PHONE! “”… You hungry?” “I’m on the phone!” “Oh, ok, you want a sandwich?”

  20. handymandan100 says:

    @ Lovelyliv2010 yep. but all-out, it is classic …. milla tweaked even

  21. Kutie088 says:

    Nawww .. Adrien Brody is so cute! I love him .. I want to eat it all up! xox

  22. Kutie088 says:

    @ LaLaLiciaaa omg, I agree! I love him! and he makes the cutest nerd ever! hehe

  23. lizzielonglegs says:

    I have such strange ideas about the actress, who is in the Steven’s love interest. She was crap in the air, but I did not know she played the mother in The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, where she is fantastic. :)

  24. lovelyliv2010 says:

    Milla Jovovich’s character in a lot of this movie?

  25. AhPoetry says:

    He is so I niedlich.Und not talking about the dummy.

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