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RIEKZ – Fuck The Police [ROAD VIDEO] {LBTV}

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RIEKZ – FUCK THE POLICE [ROAD VIDEO] {LBTV} 2010 Buy it on itunes: itunes.apple.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “RIEKZ – Fuck The Police [ROAD VIDEO] {LBTV}”

  1. wasimchingy says:

    i gt pulled by da feds for playing this tune loud in my car lol

  2. rhymee100 says:

    lol the guy skankin in the white shirt at 15 seconds propa reminds me of jamie rednapp

  3. kdotutc09 says:

    big tune this. setting levz in manny

  4. S2pa91 says:

    2:12 – 2:16 LMAOOOO!!!!!!

  5. Arantis3000 says:

    I seen Subway but no Burgaboy?? still sick tho

  6. ryangb10haha says:


  7. MrRamayne says:

    Fuck The Police!!!!!!!

  8. zzL33Tzz says:


    Manchester, not london + jus because u dont understand it dont mean its not a good track u are just ignorant and fat like all americans

  9. chunkymonkeydude says:


  10. baghead94 says:

    the guy wen he shows the weed thinks hese bad lool

  11. MrBurgaBoy says:

    F*ck The Police, On itunes, 10/10/10 Get Your Copy

  12. thehegarty87 says:

    great stuff

  13. MrBurgaBoy says:

    Available on itune 10/10/10!!!!! :) Free Riekz!!!

  14. kngmo says:

    fuk tha police

  15. jdeegrime says:


  16. BDizzleCBR says:

    hold it up nigga

  17. straydupshemzy says:


  18. mountrdkiller says:

    fuck rieks the l town faggot hahaha he claimin he not down now yeh yo my mans gettin yg nigga

  19. J0J0881 says:

    @iRunSeattle its not london u fool. get 2 kno be4 u judge

  20. Empara93 says:

    Longsight manchester

  21. wythenshawe07 says:

    the girl at 0.07 wud get it!

  22. vivioilin says:

    @iRunSeattle how wen all rap is pretty much london?

  23. vivioilin says:

    whers e from?

  24. aaron12345ist says:

    sayin good track

  25. aaron12345ist says:


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