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Marketing Strategy – Product Life Cycle

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Marketing Strategy – Product Life Cycle

25 Responses to “Marketing Strategy – Product Life Cycle”

  1. raljalayne says:

    It really helps me in my current job. Thank you.

  2. Anubicore says:

    pretty good explanation and also served as exam preparation. thx

  3. RAKELINHA1979 says:

    This just helped me a lot for my exams! thank you! :)

  4. LilyBlabfg says:

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  5. 0779039722 says:

    Thanks this helped me for my examz stdies:)

  6. s2401k says:

    Thank you! Great job:)

  7. amrutasingh says:

    thank you so much …… I gooled for determinism …. but couldnt find any relevant answer …. Now I know what this term means in marketing ….

  8. 143Badra says:

    Thank u very much: it was really made for CIM useful .. nice

  9. Smartavideo says:

    Fantastically well presented, very useful information for small businesses and students. Hats off to you!

  10. suhel54 says:

    beautifully presented …..

  11. marcbinkley says:

    fantastic video explaining the key in the product Lebenszyklus.Vielen Thanks!

  12. MakingMoneyGuru4U says:

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  13. toctemmomang says:

    It is easy to understand … I love it thank you very much

  14. wangorasta says:

    Wow! What a fantastic presentation! It is well structured and to the point. I recommend it.

  15. Netdivvy says:

    Hello, you have a lot of great information in this video! It is one that anyone seen a few times! Stop by and say hello … All The Best! Dale Werner / Netdivvy

  16. mahuubao says:

    well done and easy understandabe

  17. singkamas1 says:

    Bravo …. You have good … I like it …

  18. CustomerWorthy says:

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  19. MMVVK says:

    That was really great! Cheers!

  20. rau1252 says:

    ented good press … how to extend the duration?

  21. challengeyourbeliefs says:

    Very nice introduction, very well presented.

  22. bizopclothing says:

    A good marketing strategy is the key to success.

  23. kamratframjandet says:

    Then look for guerrilla marketing, get some inspiration.

  24. nomanyaar says:

    He is a superstar … relly helpful … thanks ..

  25. hunharang says:

    Is there a marketing video, in which Coca-Cola is not involved? It should not be Coca-Cola whos strategy be an example, most companies cannot afford that waste of advertising costs. Good marketing is cheap, and measurable

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