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Tell me your name – DEVERLISH ft MC VAPOUR Lillie & MCKENZIE

The brand new track from upcoming bumpy Provigil pharmacy garage DEVERLISH with the original MC VAPOUR with sweet vocals of Miss Lillie MCKENZIE definitely one for the clubs ..
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Tell me your name – DEVERLISH ft MC VAPOUR Lillie & MCKENZIE”

  1. Samwiseganjaa says:

    Is not that a steam mc melody as this school is a fucking banger is

  2. hittazone says:

    This video came out hot vapors is an animal

  3. dogzzy215tv says:

    vapuor its me bro Conor Rysher cums like dis not on TV

  4. Ummsm says:

    sick tune BRV

  5. paybackenttv says:

    This video is HARDDDD!

  6. wkdtuneboy says:

    coool! Vapor is the 1 as

  7. gladdentom says:

    sik song bruv

  8. dogzzy215 says:

    that ma bro lol u steam still do the music?

  9. leeroy2380 says:

    love this tune mate: D

  10. logicalmadness68 says:

    Sound system banger love this tuuuuuuuuuuuuuune yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah boo!

  11. jobber25v says:

    good tune

  12. KizMeQuik says:

    love love love love this tune is sick

  13. strapd007 says:

    Devz hold my boy!

  14. TheClarkeykevbmc says:

    Mc Vapour heavy melody love all the way to big power FM

  15. manlikeddotc says:

    yo ny chance I could Instro tht likee?

  16. mongolob says:

    I hope u dont mind me sayin though the video is great its a bit techno for me I like ur song and many of the wet T-shirt one. dont tell me that for a catchy chourus and a nod to melody, i, if someone feels the same way, but I think it wud be sick if you would head in that direction, but no ya that’s me.

  17. Amelis45 says:


  18. merk14 says:

    Its ok, but if you ask me to repeat it too often the refrain.

  19. duly666 says:

    Propagating ARD! Showin support of Belfast

  20. jahmillk says:

    great tune!

  21. jahmillk says:

    forceis until ??…. cydacate da da wun got doen like 20 minutes from me

  22. essex9207 says:

    massive tune must be on commercial radio airplay, i dnt get knowu that steam, however, would u earn money loads’a

  23. chazbuzz123 says:

    I really want to glue it to a CD as I get it?

  24. jc91 says:

    why the hell has this got 8471 views? Quality tune

  25. ultimatelygorgeous says:

    The videos mesmerizing espeacially if your hi

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