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Forza Motorsport: Game Development History (All Your History S01 E06)

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Forza Motorsport All Your history are belong to us before you check out “Forza Motorsport 3” to see how it all started when a newcomer to the racing market, even carved a niche as one of their leading titles. FOR MORE MACHINIMA GOTO: www.youtube.com TAGS: Forza Motorsport UPC 882224866484 Microsoft 170387757947 SKU APN Amazon machinima video game xbox xbox360 PS3 Microsoft Studios title race car import NASCAR highlight games yt: quality = high
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Forza Motorsport: Game Development History (All Your History S01 E06)”

  1. Ctijerino22 says:

    @ Mrsonyfreak No racing game is fucking moron original race does not change.

  2. MexicansStealShoes says:

    So many crappy puns in this video.

  3. gunner1755 says:

    its olny like 200 odd people on Forza 3 i dont get it its amazing xx

  4. OTTBlindfish says:

    F ** k You Twisted Metal FOR LIFE!

  5. zenthex1234 says:

    FM 4 had pink slips, and they should bring back the old match-making system …

  6. ThatguywhoDropshotZz says:

    I love both Gran Turismo games and games I play Forza forza cause more of the online and everyone I know has and I like to see Miley Cyrus in a bikini on the storefront:)

  7. mrsonyfreak says:

    u wish u had xbox fanfucks a game as good as GT and GT5P sold out ademo fm3 thas sad

  8. mrsonyfreak says:

    forza sux not original not as good as GT! and not playstation nuff said

  9. shurdi3 says:

    attacked dude sounds dirty

  10. virtuafighterman says:

    U HAVE AN ALL YOUR HISTORY BUT NOT for Forza Gears of War and Epic Games ??????? WTF ????????

  11. rager86 says:

    he said moydersporht fowzah?

  12. topgear93 says:

    @ L3ctrico they repeat it every time

  13. Arkains10 says:

    User-generated content makes great games even more

  14. hazzwright says:

    much that Forza, 3 clips from Team Black Jack

  15. CyanProductions says:

    I will use your own argument against you. Remember to give your first comment? Take a look at it, you GT5 first adopted you, it was a bad game. I corrected you because it is not yet out. Then you have a guess that I’m a fanboy GT5 for pointing out your lie, but I have no problem with either Racing, F3 and Enever said a bad Spiel.Sie was assumed too much, and made an ass out of your even because of it. So all I have to say is, learn, argue and goodbye.

  16. LonewolfSaichi says:

    @ CyanProductions order to petite insult about me being gay, I’m not answering, I’m Bi And again, I say this. This is a video Forza. Why even bother, nothing about GT. This movie started with GT, but it ended with Forza is better to say. And I’m a fangirl so what next?

  17. CyanProductions says:

    @ LonewolfSaichiIch find it funny that your masculinity by me that you speak to calm the women on a microphone. But you do not know that it is inconspicuous. Are you sure your not gay? not that there is nothing wrong for you. I’m just means that you have taken so far to name calling childish, because I called you on being a liar. Then I’ll say F3 is a bad game, even though I only pointed out the Wahrheit.Also I mean, I might as well sink to your level F3 Fangirl.

  18. LonewolfSaichi says:

    @ CyanProductions burn Wow nice, I hate unfortunately female on XBL and have spoken before many female companions, the XBL play it auch.Und to cancel GT Fangirls, but if a game takes forever to come, especially when so many adherents among / spoiler / etc. the final result … it will suck. That’s all hype.

  19. CyanProductions says:

    @ LonewolfSaichiProlog came three years ago. Since then, the graphics has been improved, and I would like to point out that Prologue is the arcade part of the game is the simulation mode, where shine the GT games. My question is why your comment to be removed if there is nothing auszusetzen.Ich understand you had high hopes for actually talking to a girl once, but I have to tell you that you can not tell your mother that you actually got in the near a girls pussy just yet.

  20. LonewolfSaichi says:

    @ CyanProductions Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is the supposed “demo” for the actual game. Even if it’s a demo, it’s nothing special, if that is how the demo is, I feel the game will be just the same, but with more of the same stuff … I do not really see anything special to GT5 … plus … Forza is a video. It should GT Fangirls comment on your own game videos.

  21. CyanProductions says:

    @ LonewolfSaichiLiar, GT5 is still not out.

  22. LonewolfSaichi says:

    Gran Turismo started this fight, but Forza’s gonna end it. I played both GT5 and Forza and Forza I come again and again. There is so much fun and it feels WAY better than GT5. Then again GT5 claims to the actual “racing” simulator to be like Forza the actual “driving” is simulator.

  23. wilbertm94 says:

    @ PinmanX 5 games and its still not better than forza!

  24. ResediVlad says:

    Is’ cleverly titled “the shows” motto?

  25. xxdeathtoyou23xx says:

    I love the riff at the begininng hahah

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