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The Virtual Classroom: How a Fashion Designer

“The Virtual Classroom” is made with the designer Nefra Dabney, Buy cheap online Provigil an insight on how to make a professional fashion designer get.

25 Responses to “The Virtual Classroom: How a Fashion Designer”

  1. fubulishous101 says:

    YEAH NYC I always wanted to be a fashion desiner two in NYC: D


    auch.Sie I came across your Video.Es is extremely informativ.Meine daughter is a fashion designer Parsons graduated in 2005.Sie has experienced many of the same things you said in your video haben.Es is a challenging career and a very rewarding eins.Sie is still in New York and lieben.Danke that this video is really an encouraging piece Info.Die best wishes to you.

  3. sobasedgbswag says:

    she sexy

  4. Xtina719 says:

    nefra u inspire me, I really up to uthx 4 of this vid its really good and informative …

  5. koolchick2000cutie says:

    I am a fashion designer 2

  6. myworld1112 says:

    which is $ 35,000 in British pounds?

  7. HydrogenKites says:

    Nefra! Thank you for your vid about fashion design. Informative, appreciate it! I am now a little more inspired:]

  8. letsdancewithpirates says:

    @ MrsIlovedancexoxo Theres this book fashion drawing nine heads called, teaches them how to properly make fashion and you get better with practice, you can get it from Amazon, it’s a little pricey, but worth every penny:) Source: Experience: )

  9. MrsIlovedancexoxo says:

    Hi, I really want to be a fashion designer when I’m older. I want to prepare myself, so I prepared to me. I know how to sew and sketch, but I’m not the best at drawing. What are somethings that can help me get better? What are some things I do to be able to prepare me when I’m older, to be a fashion designer?

  10. sweetaliena says:

    $ 35,000 starting salary for a non-true, even here in MTL! They are very happy if you have that but it usually begins at $ 25 in k.

  11. sweetaliena says:

    @ SweeetPrincessa were did u study? I studied Fashion Design in Mtl. I have also studied clothing production management, a great addition to design, fashion, it adds 3 to 5 years is experience.

  12. iamhaneil says:

    fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. iKidRoc says:

    Google @ kh0reenzahne this book called 9 heads: A Guide to Drawing Fashion (3rd Edition), it will have to teach u know everything.

  14. ginaplease1 says:

    Thank you very much you have inspired me! I want to be a fashion designer as well. in very much into art and creating new stuff! I wonder what is the way to its own brand to make? How do you make this possible .. thank you

  15. Kalaheogurlz says:

    WWD (dot) com

  16. SLiubov says:

    someone:) reply to my question please:)

  17. SLiubov says:

    Thanks for the interesting site Video.was mention who knows she has to spell that, please-I’ve heard bridget woman or something …:)

  18. AngelloPR says:

    Love the video and shes very clear about the carear. Excellent!

  19. SweeetPrincessa says:

    I have studied fashion design in Montreal! I feel like I need a little more knowledge … I think imma go back to school. It’s just that im so scared. Ive been workin for this company for a year and it was a complete disaster. I live for fashion, but i dont have permission from my parents … What should I do. and at 27 I like the feeling of old … help me.

  20. sinnet12345 says:

    Great video, you look so professional, wish you all the best !!!!!! One day we may see how Guess Marciano Designer & ..

  21. JadeFashionMad says:

    This is really helpful for me when I go to a better understanding of fashion design must receive thanks x

  22. kh0reenzahne says:

    hey .. I want to be a designer fashi0n .. but .. i d0nt kn0w draw H0w t0 ..

  23. smokingrockstar says:

    Sunlionness2007hey Thurs @ u win much money or how much per year?

  24. caycastfan says:

    awsome and the date they put it on my b-day

  25. missfashunoitall says:

    This is a very accurate description of what is the fashion industry! Great Video

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