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Burgaz Megatator Commercial

Cheap Accutane bigger burgers are all the rage these days. But there is a niche in the fast-food market that no one has exploited … until now! New to Burgaz: The Megatater.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Burgaz Megatator Commercial”

  1. SuperRyanandAlexMan says:

    Nobody cares about Greg flowers!

  2. Serihppas47 says:

    IN THE MEGATATOR intimidated!

  3. mayaDUDE998 says:

    that burger looks very good actaully …

  4. 9ine6ix says:

    Moo & Oink Do you have the commercials from Chicago? Classic local commercials.

  5. MrZomboss says:

    In a way this book is to face post = 3

  6. Paul1953H says:

    Bucket O ‘Cola lol

  7. Sammyv12345 says:

    15 people dotn like french fries-err I mean megatator>.}

  8. 6S6K6Y says:

    “So that I have a stuffed meatater right in the face !…. in the mouth”

  9. littlemissclanky says:

    “It was the consequent of an apple ….” It creaked and more!

  10. DancingQueen7272 says:

    I love how Link starts laughing at 2:24 … I wonder what they used to megatater?

  11. surfeygirl08 says:

    He looks like Ezra Koenig@0.43! : D haha

  12. AssumesAllRisks says:

    OMG! I want megasweettater! Please send an up to Angie!

  13. kykywox says:

    lol it will not work because it is very likely not cooked all the way to the center werden.noch pretty funny and you would need a bucket of soda take the monster XD

  14. zombieroboy says:

    awesome video, halarious. Wait a minute … 0:17 it says “megatater,” but the video is called “megatator.” Noticed someone?

  15. Avatarlatte says:

    “I do not think it was cooked.” HAHAHAHA i cannot stop laughing the so is not!

  16. zombieroboy says:

    “…. I do not think this was cooked. “Burgaz geez looks like it has some extreme cases. [Burgazebo, buckets coke megatator, etc.], what else do you have?

  17. twiztidxtiya says:

    “Then they started to notice my megatater … they were intimidated,” Oh my lol XD

  18. 00WinterGirl says:

    I almost puked when she ate

  19. bigedf says:

    “I have worked with many tools in my life but I am the greatest.” MEGATATER GO!

  20. ThePokemoncollector says:

    LOL my favorite part was somehow the ____ of an apple …. I do not think this was cooked lol I can keep in mind that over and over, and I would not stop laughing it’s just funny xD

  21. g0andTelLy0urFriends says:

    LOL by 1.04 bis 01.08 clock the perfect moment:) haha

  22. mtdeezy says:

    I would totally go to Burgaz!

  23. sunp says:

    You have no idea how many times I said that what she was saying in my brain

  24. rexal96 says:

    Jesus Christus.Ich need one.

  25. OuTRunner12 says:

    is that true?

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