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20 Years of Land Rover Discovery

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Workhorse, tow car, law enforcer, status symbol, people carrier, mud plugger; few cars can claim to fulfil any of these duties with genuine conviction. Yet since 16 November 1989 20 years ago today one car has consistently met all those challenges and more, earning itself iconic status as the ultimate all-purpose vehicle. That car is the Land Rover Discovery. Designed originally to plug the gap between the utilitarian attributes of the iconic Land Rover Defender and the more luxurious characteristics of the flagship Range Rover, Discovery soon became the perfect niche vehicle for the growing demands of the family 4×4 market. “The Discovery legend has been built on innovative design and advanced technology. From the introduction of high-efficiency direct-injection diesel technology into the 4×4 market in 1989, to pioneering occupant safety with the adoption of twin airbags in 1998, Discovery has led the way.” says Phil Popham, Managing Director. “It is truly the best loved SUV the world over. Today, we sell the Discovery in 91 countries and sales to date have hit over and above 900000,” he adds. Having revolutionised the mid-sized 4×4 sector in 1989, its no surprise that the Discovery evolved to reflect the needs and tastes of its increasingly urbane and discerning buyers. By 1994 range-topping Discovery models featured leather upholstery and wood veneer trim, and when the Series II Discovery was introduced in 1998 it added a sophisticated new heating, air-conditioning and
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25 Responses to “20 Years of Land Rover Discovery”

  1. Noobury says:

    landrover <3

  2. yzrider27 says:

    And I’m an American but I will never buy an American car. Maybe a dodge 1500 bit that’s it and only for dirt biking. British and German engineering are the best.

  3. yzrider27 says:

    I have 99 discovery 2. Land Rovers are simply the best. We had an LR3 too and that was great. I will always have a land rover. 5 stars.

  4. abdulazizarmy says:

    i am planing on buying one , but people r telling me that the ment is expensive. is that true?

  5. lutherarao says:

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  6. nwongvs4 says:

    3 words…cry and cum…sorry but had to tell the truth

  7. jameswmoseley94 says:

    brings a tear to the eye ; i

  8. mgospeed31 says:

    I love that last shot of the LR4 :-)

  9. ZeroToleranceKnives says:

    The 3 fags who disliked this are probably some Chevy driving hillbillys that are jealous of Land Rover

  10. dolcPlyr7 says:

    Wouldn’t trade my 2002 Discovery II for anything…except maybe an LR4. :)

  11. dddddddgggggggggg says:

    All time best 4×4 family car and the best towing car as well but discovery 4 is bit of let down because its tryng to be bit like a range rover

  12. Rimwich says:

    I swear this video has the greatest music

  13. ss3man1 says:

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  14. NotARandomName says:

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  20. NotARandomName says:

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  24. ss3man1 says:


    How about you learn to spell and speak before you go mouthing off at someone alright?

    That is my opinion. It’s not like I insulted anyone. What are the people who make the discovery going to go and cry because of an opinion on youtube?

    Retard <----That is insulting someone.

  25. ss3man1 says:

    Problem with that. That is what the Range rover is about. In my opinion they have wimped up the disco now. The only car you can dip in a mud puddle with confidence that you won’t screw up the computer is the defender. I think it is sad.

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