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HoN Tabako FP VOD Pub v + WHP fanboys [Light Bringer 1 / 2]

1700 + pub 2 GFA against players and some of their fanboys replays.heroesofnewerth.com The players: [BGF] Borommakot (defender) made aka Yoda [P] aka Orie, this former professional DotA the switch to hon [BGF] Warden (Magebane): a rising star in the GFA franchise, director hopes to one day meet chu like their players to d4ni3l Cheap Cialis (Puppet Master) go: The top GFA Fanboy Daniel is best for their needs by the profit lanes Pull refuse any known creep wave. With the latest patch does not make these tactics, this game shows how he is now struggling to find its niche. `2Fresh (Swift Blade): Another GFA fanboy, but a great guy. [Los] mercenaries (Legionarre): I’m not familiar with mercenaries, he is either a pub or a newly cristined fanboy. [5] tabako (light bearer): Sincerely, [5] angry most (Arachna): Needs no introduction Loop3d (Malik): Unconventional strategist and legendary Jungle, loop play best known for his wild soul and his solo forge middle Zelniq (Witch Slayer ) is known: Zelniq Fanboy is a top-of [5] Nervi (Behemoth): Nervi is currently discussing fenald new book “How to not lose track down easily with dementia Shaman”
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “HoN Tabako FP VOD Pub v + WHP fanboys [Light Bringer 1 / 2]”

  1. Frazenshtein says:

    u are so lame … apm apm is like …

  2. Akantorz12 says:

    this gam elooks fun

  3. CasperHage says:

    @ KhrisNZ wtf

  4. lucanick81 says:

    I lol’d at 1.05 bis 1.15 Clock

  5. HaRaKiRix33 says:

    oh lol hes mercenary LOAD

  6. skipcool16 says:

    Scary good

  7. MaarcusMelander says:

    Yes, well played!

  8. AllenBowgen says:

    u usually a tough track was early. played well.

  9. KhrisNZ says:

    The Light Bringer is / was traaaash

  10. Saudriel says:

    Note that this was before life void nerf so the structure is not viable anymore.

  11. jachie123 says:

    Very wellplayed. Interesting way to play it. Garbage seek power my way. I take the red Click been jamming a few times to keep for more insidious? Because he’s just about to attack.

  12. klaz55 says:

    whoa i did not realize one of the greatest American player ever dota is a fanboy. cool

  13. d4ywalk3r says:

    Mercenaries (Legionarre): I’m not familiar with mercenaries, he is either a pub or a newly made me LOL irl cristined FanboyDas, Merc = fanboy, yes ….

  14. Tombaa1970 says:

    haha you’re so f *** OWND: P

  15. anvandarnamnnr1 says:

    how are you doing on this where the marker “hold” red and his attack?

  16. IIMorphling89 says:

    Very well played HB. Awesome use of life is extinguished. Personally, I would have bought a small minor-token (3 instead of 4), it builds in gold Greaves and power supply. In addition to this, he would have had to buy space for a SOBI mask in the track (+50% mana regeneration for 325 gold comes in handy)

  17. vildminister says:

    Very Light Bringer wp .. dominated early track sick combo! Pwned!

  18. jackyan22 says:

    HAHAH beginning was funny … does not hold +

  19. 3hitorrun says:

    rare to see a roaming start happening in these days

  20. patrik290 says:

    nice skills man

  21. gendut3 says:

    I can say ure really good dude, wow he is so fast he didn’t noob ult

  22. darktop1 says:

    he is really good

  23. jrpg20 says:

    LOL at Zelniq description hahahahaha!

  24. Skillz0r says:

    Dropping totems in Hon delayed because u can sell anywhere, just press B, click instead of drop .. and free to play 25g.schön:

  25. Bosu says:

    Lame. Bad player.

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