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Jon Stewart Stand Up – 1994 Boston College Fest

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Back before he found his niche in making fun of the News… he made fun of everyone else! Some awesome stand up chops here from Mr. Stewart…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Jon Stewart Stand Up – 1994 Boston College Fest”

  1. anaemia says:

    Wow… someone was a little influenced by Bill Hicks.

  2. kevhead66 says:

    Ah 1994. Back before the smoking nazis existed.

  3. thestormlscoming says:

    wait, he came to my school sixteen years before i got here, dammit

  4. Airbourne775 says:


  5. freshprinceofbalham says:


  6. Pook365 says:


    Just think what he would say if you told him about the Rally to Restore Sanity, god can you imagine…hehe.

  7. makasin says:

    @darkcomic509 I was just thinking that. Very much hicks. Good stuff!

  8. Wakeuptired says:

    I wonder where the rest is? Probably lost to history…

  9. Dysbulic says:

    This was painful to watch. This guy is so not funny. -_-

  10. berkeleyoverdrive says:

    Wouldn’t you love to hop into a time machine… go back and tell this guy that in 16 years he’ll be interviewing the President of the United States on national television… and record the look on his face… 😛


  11. preetis6 says:

    god the only thing that tops off his hotness then is his hotness now !!!!

  12. TaoistMonkeyTrips says:

    Watching the egg in a pan anti-drug commercial when high? Thinking KFC is the anti-chirst? Did every comedian in the 90’s steal at least some material from Bill Hicks?

  13. EscapeDummy says:

    @CheStillFighting hmm. i love jon stewart, but thats a bit lame that he totally bit the jokes – should have at least changed them more, or just taken ‘inspiration’ from them

  14. CheStillFighting says:

    it’s funny cus last night i just happened to watch my bill hicks dvd that i haven’t seen in a long time, then very shortly after i stumbled across this. yes indeed, Stewart’s smoking+drug,routine almost completely stolen; he says “why do i think __ is the antichrist”, he does the ‘kids listening to music and killing’ bit, and a similar ‘bully government’ bit.

    makes me wonder, who has been stolen from more: Hicks or Pryor. they’re probably the two most ripped off comedians ever.

  15. DrinkSkateSleep says:

    @CheStillFighting Come to think of it he uses almost the same jokes at the beginning.

  16. CheStillFighting says:

    @DrinkSkateSleep gonna say the exact same thing.

  17. darkcomic509 says:

    Very Bill Hicks influenced

  18. DrinkSkateSleep says:

    Sounds like this bit was a little bit Hicks influenced.

  19. XiahgoSQUEE says:

    What a fox.

  20. JaguarCamino says:

    Man, Comedy Rules! And Jon Stewart Kicks Ass! For the 2 people who didnt like it : FUCK U!

  21. mcdookie says:

    @mcdookie half the time. You are mixed up on yor shit man. This is everyday for me and I know that good comedians dont steal. And Jon Stweart is a good comedian. Just end this. Its silly. Famous people dont have to steal jokes and the ones that do… DONT HAVE CAREERS anymore. That simple. Mencia is done. When you get found out that you are stealing you are out. So give it up man. It was a just a similarity. Your definition of fame is like Perez Hiltons definition of fame. Get real dude.

  22. mcdookie says:

    @mcdookie of them. And the guys who tell jokes have similar joke premises that have been used a million times but they put there own point of view and punch and its a brand new joke. Most dont even know when I mention it that they have similar jokes. There are only so many premises man. And so many jokes about certain things that can be done. I struggle to make sure i have fresh shit and I am SURE Stewart did as well. You dont do stand up I am assuming. Joke stealing is not gonna happen.

  23. mcdookie says:

    @0Oclockmusic Jon Stewart did not steal this joke from Hicks. Its similar. Listen to the two jokes. Its not the same joke or punchline. No act outs. Its just a smoking on stage joke. I have said similar jokes to other comedians. Does that make me a joke stealer? No because I have my own point of view and everthing I talk about on stage is true. Its just a coincidence man. And fame in your eyes is a sad situation. I work with lots of comics who are famous. And I bet you havent heard of any

  24. veronicachic says:

    woaww even sexier back than!!!!!!! mm

  25. 0Oclockmusic says:

    @0Oclockmusic meant to write “BECAME a household name”

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