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Burberry London Cologne / perfume review

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Song: The Cure-Friday in love with my Burberry London Cologne / perfume review I wanted this for sooo long and I finally got it! Rate, comment and subscribe people! : D

25 Responses to “Burberry London Cologne / perfume review”

  1. ronmatthews says:

    *** Burberry ODORS excellent if you smell like a fucking CHRISTMAS WISH. YOU MUST HAVE THIS FOR U paid ****

  2. hasib0 says:

    I bought a 100 ml (3.3 fl oz) bottle of ebay for $ 35, and it has no projection. Someone would have to lick smell me. The white stripes on the front panel display two (2 strips) and your bottle has a white stripe on the front and one on the page. Everything else seems to be on the bottle, just the same as the original bottles with the serial number on the sticker on the bottom of the bottle.

  3. chang248 says:

    This is one of the best autumn-winter-Cologne

  4. percula9 says:

    Hey Tim … Are there any colognes that are a little too popular? Scents, all other trägt.THX

  5. quityojibbajabbaa says:

    @ EnrySimmersen Irish Tweed was the good?

  6. jonplaza81 says:

    hey tim great contribution gotta question but can u wear this summer?

  7. dmturner18 says:

    Hey you old classics such as the Burberry! With the silver lid and a clear bottle and the colonge itself is like gold! Can you compare between the two fragerences?

  8. ireallycare22 says:

    you … You do not understand. I wanted forrrrever this thing.

  9. robbersteve says:

    tim I bought a sample of this blind, after seeing these and it is amazing! I feel like a Christmas party

  10. gobears342 says:

    How many sprays do you recommend?

  11. EnrySimmersen says:

    Burberry’s alright, but it was weaker than others I have tried. Diamonds, Boss and obsession are better. I have just ordered a bottle of Irish Tweed Creed, and I’m looking forward to that going a statement.

  12. timswetcoff says:

    @ Rafaelbbarradas Great signature scent, if you want ass rammed.

  13. rafaelbbarradas says:

    Hello! do you think this could be a signature scent? thx!

  14. gpsupersport says:

    I have a bottle of London and it’s killer! It is about 10-12 hours, without a hint of projection to me with just a spray on the neck and extends on each wrist. I used to hard and take Varvatos occasionally, but they were never more than a few hours and the smell would light up and smell was too heavy.

  15. SolesOnMyMind says:

    Just ordered the 3.4 oz free for 34 $ shipping costs. cannot wait to get it its my 1st Designer Cologne

  16. TheCologne95 says:

    @ Guinea54 yes the same thing happened to me

  17. LEETSP33KA says:

    @ MrMads2610 your welcome.

  18. MrMads2610 says:

    @ LEETSP33KA Thanks for the quick reply I think I will go buy it soon:)

  19. LEETSP33KA says:

    I’m not @ MrMads2610 Tim but you can pull this one in any age, I’m sixteen and I wear them every autumn / winter, with my father to

  20. MrMads2610 says:

    I’m only 17 and I want to be a good Cologne / perfume and I want to know if this could be a good choice, or am I too young to think to find this condition?

  21. Bones98 says:

    damn, dude … How do you make of all the scents? You should open your own question. Save or create your own designer frags.

  22. KYkMan says:

    … Huh … Lol I bought for $ 70

  23. XnegropleaseX says:

    Miss you dude vids

  24. jreily88 says:

    @ TswetcoffIch tried it again just the other day, and now I like it … lol

  25. TheUndertakerfan101 says:

    I had to say this is one of the scents that you have, that is a lot of compliments and would say that u have one of the top ones around?

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