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James Ross @ Morgan Turner (Bassman – John P. Kee)

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With a degree in music performance from Morgan State University under his belt. It’s easy to see why this young man Morgan Turner, has carved out a unique niche for himself with one of the hottest bands in gospel music today!!!

25 Responses to “James Ross @ Morgan Turner (Bassman – John P. Kee)”

  1. lethbptl says:

    @drumz47 …..Yessah…..

  2. drumz47 says:

    Very clen bottom as well as mids.. WOW.. Great sound my brother.

  3. lethbptl says:

    @jamaal365 …..Haahahaha

  4. jamaal365 says:

    Oh My Goodness Lord!!!!!!!

  5. lethbptl says:

    @slapit5 ….Aw Yeah!!!

  6. slapit5 says:

    yeah my man

  7. lethbptl says:

    @The83rdTrombonist …….COOL!!!

  8. lethbptl says:

    @theEARLbass1 ……..I’m telling you

  9. The83rdTrombonist says:

    He was destnined to be a monster since his days at City

  10. theEARLbass1 says:

    omg!!! i watch this vid everyday!!!!!! Cats dont realize how crazy this is, Chords, progressions and substitutions!!!! Jesus is awesome!! why isnt theis cat famous yet?
    Greetings from south africa

  11. killerquints143 says:

    baltimore always shines

  12. lethbptl says:

    @fingazfunk ……and then some

  13. fingazfunk says:


  14. lethbptl says:

    @heydoctor001 ….Aw Yeah….

  15. heydoctor001 says:

    ya boy is smashing Met him In san diego with john P. kee. there Band Is ridiculious though

  16. lethbptl says:

    @chewyflea ….Yessah!!! – language, lots of kids watch the videos…….no offense!!

  17. lethbptl says:

    @stromonie …….Yessah!!

  18. stromonie says:

    …give thanks

  19. chewyflea says:

    What a Badass

  20. lethbptl says:

    @mattramz13 …Aw Yeah…..

  21. mattramz13 says:

    Dude know what he’s doing and more.

  22. lethbptl says:

    @shay8794 …22 i think….

  23. shay8794 says:

    Man! He is good! How old was he when you did this video?

  24. lethbptl says:

    @Drumz1989 …Yessir!!!

  25. Drumz1989 says:

    ooh thats sick omg! So inspiring

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