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Tegami Bachi Opening Theme 1

This is the Tegami Bachi OP Theme 1. Watch the anime/manga its a pretty Buy Accutane good story so far. In english its called Letter Bee. I am just sharing the music i am not naming it my own. I do not own any of this. Enjoy :D…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Tegami Bachi Opening Theme 1”

  1. Gauche4Ever says:

    I love this anime, the song make like for peace. Thank you for the upload…

  2. ChibiiTeam says:

    *O* jiggy and gauche… i love u!!!! xDD

  3. vatervarior says:

    when he is talking about wanting to be a head bee i expect him to yell DATTEBAYO!!! every time

  4. Rinnywright says:

    I love name Jiggy Pepper :)

  5. ClawUchiha says:

    @qwertdfsf7 ^_^ im a little kid so i like it heeh no im not that young =3=

  6. qwertdfsf7 says:

    Great anime especially for little kids

    Violence and erotic elements are minimum in this anime compared to other anime.

  7. erynz01 says:

    i`m gonna start reading this manga…..

  8. Darksonicfan841 says:

    I have so got to watch this anime I have started reading the manga and it looks very cool

  9. nakanoyamatoo says:


  10. rubixspoly says:

    awesome video loved it amazing wow

  11. lilmama321123 says:

    omg theres a anime to this O.o i’m reading the manga now ……. i cant wait to watch this ^^ so far in the manga niche and lag are my favs XD

  12. GameAaron says:

    Santos gave a positive review of the first 6 episodes of Tegami Bachi with an overall grade of B-

    FUUUUUUU they made a mistake i would give it AT LEAST B+ or over

  13. Sky3London says:

    I love the manga. I need to buy a new one because I wore out the pages of my old one.

  14. aurum2001 says:

    This anime brings up so many emotions it just amazing XD.

  15. mega17 says:

    Tegami Bachi has got to be the nostalgic and heartwarming manga in the world. <3

  16. ClawUchiha says:

    @cypherist ?????????????????? =] (i added you as a friend)

  17. ClawUchiha says:

    @Gamergeek41 im not sure but i dont think so.

  18. ClawUchiha says:

    @PicoPicoHammah i agree so when you sing it when your sad you get happy

  19. cypherist says:


  20. butternut3458 says:

    SO glad they didnt include the rap bit… XD

  21. warcrouch says:

    I must see this anime!

  22. PicoPicoHammah says:

    I love Tegami Bachi soundtrack. Its so heartwarming. (:

  23. Gamergeek41 says:

    Have they dubbed the anime to english yet?

  24. TegamiBachi21 says:

    @MystxMuse7 Only when the next episode is coming out but I already have a site i visit daily for that.

  25. MystxMuse7 says:

    @TegamiBachi21 what kinda things? I might be able to help if it’s bout Tegami Bachi.

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