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Tek-One – Broken Strings [Dubstep – FILTHY!]

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25 Responses to “Tek-One – Broken Strings [Dubstep – FILTHY!]”

  1. spongebobbette23 says:

    this is ok. i mean, tek-one’s basslines are kinda the same when you play them side by side. bummer. =(

  2. TheFraMezZ says:

    Mudkip made this!?

  3. DJImmune951 says:

    SICKKKK ASSS FUCKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. drumandbasschozee says:


  5. Shack2102 says:

    @baangchong20 this doesnt even make sense ?? his bill wouldnt be filthy just really expensive lol they probably played this before they put them in the chambers!!

  6. baangchong20 says:

    This shit is filthier than Hitler’s gas bill.


    15 people need to get on thier knees and eat frozen dog crap

  8. StopTheRobbery2 says:

    Filthier than a jar of pickled weeners.

  9. KovuchuReborn says:

    @solarix Ba-ba-ba-ba BASSLINE

  10. solarix says:

    Big Phat Subwoofer.

  11. Borris323 says:

    That drop, goes beyond intensity.

  12. jarika123 says:

    @joesere lol

  13. b4dm0nk3y158 says:

    so dirty not even a women could clean it

  14. BlazedVids says:

    filthier then a jar of pickled winnets

  15. DemonDamien says:

    This tune just knocked Perez Hilton the fuck out, and then high-fived will.i.am.

  16. thdremily says:

    filthier than my room after bringing home a girl from a cheap bar

  17. WeAreArsonists says:

    How could you hate on this?
    Unless this tune melted your brain and you started headbutting the keyboard.

  18. FatTrollGingerHater says:

    this is filthier than fisting a horse and finding your sisters corpse

  19. 7Deag says:

    Hits harder than my fist on a newborn babys face!

  20. elmotpoopie says:

    @1one3three2two not cool man…not cool…

  21. StringsofHades says:

    Filtyer then a sumo taking a shit on a burning tire

  22. anythingannoying says:


    Not i said the pig… though I wish I was.

  23. xxxChriChrixxx says:

    USoOld. XD

  24. graeme520 says:

    so filthy i took a shit into a cup fed it to my fish blew the fish up cooked them then died

  25. camhoff123 says:

    sick wit it

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