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Tinchy Stryder – you’re not alone * NEW *

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Tinchy Stryder – you’re not alone * NEW *”

  1. casper123 says:

    Good song, usually hate that crap mainstream, but it’s pretty decent. Good use of the original.

  2. xMiLLzY2k8x says:

    @ XZinvideos me

  3. XZinvideos says:

    No dislikes, that’s what I want to see.

  4. WolfsRainFan4ever says:

    I love this song. I have not heard it for ages! <3

  5. freyaxxk says:


  6. shellgemellie says:

    TBH really good song! <3

  7. david54399 says:

    luv this song

  8. 778ace says:

    sweet song man

  9. lineriderlewis says:

    @ Your Welsh Isere not alone: Calvin Harris

  10. LanCzanca says:


  11. TheLoveBirdx says:

    I love this song! :)

  12. OuttaThisWorld98 says:

    Amaazing song! x

  13. idindamy says:

    tynchy next week in Dublin Woop Woop cnt wait (:

  14. nialltl08 says:

    This version is amazin !!!!!! Lieeessssss the originals have nothing to dis shit straight this song he is a man renewed …….

  15. FTM2009 says:

    All the singers are now days tuning in more dance music (house) music, as everyone in England more F * king know Luv 2 raveee

  16. matthewjez says:

    his classic dance tune from the 90s olive – you’re not alone

  17. welshisere says:

    who sings it?

  18. welshisere says:

    what background song?

  19. cheese1205550 says:

    this is good, but the original is better

  20. JackieRocajuna says:

    i loveee thiss song: D v

  21. ChelsieeMaytehh says:

    here is amazing:) Tinchy Stryder, what a legend:) x

  22. danniconroy says:

    amazing song done well Tinchy

  23. matthewjez says:

    Although the original is not in itself a damn classic. hes done well to this

  24. camd2323 says:

    in not only dont wait until the end of time sick song m8 good large brill all the eggs that got beef wid it can go suck my big toe

  25. bleachiko3cat3 says:

    This song is so cool! <3

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