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Lost in Shanghai Street …Shopping with Queenie ??????

Shanghai Street’s style is the style of old Hong Kong……… Shanghai Street is one of the longest streets in Kowloon and it has been developed for over one hundred years… Being a hub for gold, traditional wedding clothes and ancestral offerings, the street has also Buy Cialis carved a niche for itself as Hong Kong’s kitchen supply district, with a busy strip of shops selling everything from professional-grade kitchenwares in recent years… Now, please enjoy the video and shop with me…

25 Responses to “Lost in Shanghai Street …Shopping with Queenie ??????”

  1. cindyzx says:

    love you so much!

  2. BABIECL says:

    what brand is bag QQ?

  3. PeaceUdo says:

    omg every place you go is tons of fun!!

  4. lisaslastaccount says:

    girrrll.. ur obsessed with your candle holders 😛 hahaa

  5. catpiano1 says:

    i love MAC’s iPhoto production hahah

  6. 18p324 says:

    in the wu dialect (shanghainese) ng means 5, and fish, and in suzhou also means I, Me.
    my parents came from suzhou and speak most wu dialects + manderin.
    i think my little brother and grandpa were in shanghai love tour in the market scean.

  7. dsgirl44 says:

    what language do you speak?

  8. dsgirl44 says:

    i cant believe you commented on my last comment! i was soooo happy! :) you are my idol.. you are so pretty and funny and sweet:)

  9. zomglawwlz says:

    Queenie you’re so funny! The yoga part at the end made me laugh so hard

  10. angmingzhen says:

    What do you use to edit your videos?? :)

  11. chambagi says:

    yes queenie,please give us a house tour

  12. SuperMilliee says:

    OMG, queenie wat song is this? it awesome for my project:)

  13. aznmav2 says:

    what’s with you and candles. fetish? lol

  14. tafeykey says:

    Hong Kong or Shanghai? 😛

  15. CurlyFritz says:


    I love them! Can you give me the model number of the sunglasses? =)

  16. BEAUTYQQ says:

    @CurlyFritz They are from Marc Jacobs ^^

  17. MyMakeupstar says:

    D???????????ge XD

  18. dennischan88 says:

    I miss hong kong a lot, hopefully i could come back in summer. thanks for the great video queenie!

  19. luvTHROTTLE says:

    Subscribe to my youtube account so I can eventually make? money.
    Tell others to also.

  20. BUBWIN says:

    ?? ????? xd

  21. ilikesummeryey says:

    Can I know the name of the song in the beginning of the video?

  22. emilyyngsuh says:

    QQ?????????~ ^^

  23. blo0m4ever says:

    you are such a positive person to be around with. love your videos !

  24. valleyofme says:

    What brand is the sunglasses????

  25. TOsxliu4 says:

    Love your creativeness ^^
    Now I’m temping to play around with tea light candles too!
    Add oil Queenie! Wish you all the best.

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