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Haitian troubadour – Je vais (Funny shit)

haiti twoubadou – je vais. Absolute GREAT song and video by Fabrice Rouzier (dude with accordeon) and keke belizaire Buy Accutane (Go mizik mizik). Guest artist: comedia Tonton Bicha, and popular kompa singer Sweet Micky (prostitute in drags). Let’s recite: Je vè Tu tasse Il soucoupe Nous cabarons Vous goudez Ils Troubadour style or in Creole Twoubadou got into Haiti by way of Cuba (migrant laborers working on plantations there) at the beginning of the 19th century. It has found more than a niche there. Enjoy and rate.

25 Responses to “Haitian troubadour – Je vais (Funny shit)”

  1. Stecie1 says:

    I <3 Ton Ton Bicha's dancing!!!

  2. bomboclataful says:

    funny thing is the next president of haiti cast in this video

  3. Louigene says:

    @ambreginny 4 kanpe doesn’t mean 4 bjs it mean sex standing up 4 times

  4. clickclarkable says:

    it so unfortunate that Haitian Musicians do not exploit this style of music which way more beautiful than Kompa, because other people do not really listen to kompa. The way as batachata of dominican republic

  5. gwc67 says:

    This song was originally performed by Les Freres Dodo, not Fabrice or Keke although they do a great cover here. In fact, the lead singer for Les Freres Dodo makes a cameo in the video at about 5:01 or so.

  6. all4gio says:

    Haiti is on my mind…..

  7. petercann says:

    Take a good look at the dude in drag @4:06, he may be the next Haitian president. Now that would be a ‘really funny shit’.

  8. MrBerchiben says:

    LOL G sHiit Go HardA!!!!

  9. maliobjr says:

    sweet micky trô sôt XD looool

  10. MissLivelyfe says:

    My Brotha’s name is Fabrice………weird….. i love tonton bicha hez a clown

  11. LadiiBlu33 says:

    woooooo *puts hand on under my chest n moves side to side* datss etttt je vais ti tas

  12. gerogero2006 says:

    Fantastic! Great!. Marvellous! By the way of music I want to show you what musicians of Brazil and Argentina are doing in folklore music with a accordion. If you want, please see these 3 videos, really interesting:
    – Voninho e Marcelo
    – Tio Mederico- Dvd Os Serranos 40 anos- Sempre Gaúchos

  13. mouse30227 says:

    i love dis song

  14. BbyAauutthheennttiik says:

    gen tonton bicha ap dansé.. HAHAHHAAHAA, mwen renmen li. (:

  15. Thanos3007 says:

    Big up, Haitian people!
    DJ Tropic, Oakland, Cali.

  16. MrWilliam77500 says:

    bon bagay ambreginny avèw map maché

  17. haitianluv10 says:

    my father told that there is this place in port-au-prince called “gwa mama” its kind of a house with prositutes, so thats what they were talking about in the song

  18. aziguagirl says:

    ce qui katche pa parlez po merde!!!!!
    en plus ces un classique…. so vos gueules il vous niaise il chantent bande de ********* NON MAIS DU RESPECT!!!!! tu parles pas sur MA chanson comme sa !!!
    LOLZ mais jetais kan meme serieusement

  19. ariele333 says:

    dahs my shit forever

  20. Neim929 says:

    It does not mean anything. vais sounds like verre which is french for glass. so they start by saying
    je vais(verre)
    tu tasse
    il soucoupe(une soucoupe pour la tasse)
    nous cabarons(in creole we call the tasse holder cabaré) so they are basically using cups, and other kitchen utensils as verbs to make the song sound funny.
    now, what the song was about is a complete different story. at the time, hookers gave prices depending on how u want to have sex like $5 standing, 20 laying.

  21. Dontutouch says:

    mmmm okay, ca se pourrais tres bien!
    ils niaise les personnes qui restent a la maison pour cuisiner mais ki savent pas parler francais…peut-etre! merci

  22. poukyjenn says:

    loll je pense qu ils niaise les personne qui savent pas parler le francais…moi aussi je comprend pas

  23. rachidabou says:

    sa sa vle dit mwin pa compren?
    de quoi ils parlent?


    pou ki sa yo dit sa?
    why do they say that?
    pourkoi ils disent ca?

  24. LadyG0430 says:

    I can agree tonton bicha is so funny

  25. MrBerchiben says:

    sa freee anpil

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