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Classic Game Room – NEO-GEO POCKET COLOR review

Classic Game Room reviews the SNK Neo-Geo Pocket Color handheld game console from 1999! This sequel to the black and white NeoGeo Pocket had color and higher hopes but still failed to gain a foothold against the Nintendo Game Boy and Sega Game Gear. Lack of a backlit screen and small software library kept the SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color to a niche market, but that doesn’t mean it Buy cheap Accutane Online isn’t awesome. The Neo-Geo Pocket Color is a 16-bit hand held videogame console with games like Samurai Shodown and Gals Fighters that have a catchy cartoony look and awesome gameplay. It has a thumbstick instead of a D-pad and two buttons. Because of the non-backlit screen the Neo Geo Pocket has excellent battery life. Its design is pleasing and the SNK NeoGeo Pocket Color has a handy portable size which fits your hands well and makes gameplay comfortable. CGR reviews Neo-Geo Pocket Color video games on Classic Game Room review show.

25 Responses to “Classic Game Room – NEO-GEO POCKET COLOR review”

  1. KrazziJ24 says:

    I love the neo geo pocket for having two of my favorite fighters as a child… SNK vs Capcom: match of the millennium nd KoF: R2

  2. rollincadet420 says:

    HO?!?! DAAMN!

  3. huschusser says:

    if Neo Geo’s handheld was more popular than the gameboy back in the day, they would be making handhelds today that would compete with the Nintendo DS and PSP, and beat them.

  4. EinkOLED says:

    Thanks for the review, in brings back good memories since I bought one of these nearly 10 years ago and loved it.
    I was 17 when I purchased this, and now I’m 26.

  5. kittycatonfire says:

    wow i was surprised at how good the graphics are, i was expecting graphics worse than the first pokemon.

  6. Raiden3651 says:

    @3:35. Good lord man that game gear was huge.

  7. JoostRevo says:


  8. mrkingofkings says:

    I have the Neogeo Pocket Color and I still do.

  9. MrShayFan says:

    interesting.. a good console indeed

  10. Juniormint97 says:

    Very interesting, I thought I knew all the consoles of the past 25 years, but nope! TY for the info

  11. Jayui22 says:

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  16. cpms5151 says:

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  17. DerDummerKind says:

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  20. EpicnessInABox says:

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    I hope I fixed all the typos.

  21. Jayui22 says:

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