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* START HERE * -PART 1 of 3- “BUILDING A JOURNEY: FROM BETTER LUCK TOMORROW TO FINISHING THE GAME” Directed by Anson Ho Before “FAST AND THE FURIOUS: TOKYO DRIFT”, before “BETTER LUCK TOMORROW”, there was a beginning. This documentary follows Justin Lin and the entire BETTER LUCK TOMORROW family from the very start. See how 10 credit cards, 0000 in debt, and a dream called BETTER LUCK TOMORROW became a reality. You’ll get an inside look on how the BLT family has been working hand in hand with the Asian American community to carve out a niche for themselves in mainstream American media. Join Justin Lin, MC Hammer, Sung Kang, Roger Fan, Julie Asato, Dustin Nguyen, and the ever-growing BLT family as they journey from 2001 until present day. And now, they’re back with their follow-up to BLT, “FINISHING THE GAME”. After 2 big budget studio movies, have things gotten easier for Justin Lin & Co. to make another independent, Asian American feature film? You’ll find out! FINISHING THE GAME a comedy directed by Justin Lin. An IFC Films Release In Theaters and “on demand” OCTOBER 2007 Official WEBSITE – www.youoffendmeyouoffendmyfamily.com Buy Accutane RELEASE SCHEDULE & THEATERS October 5th New York, NY – IFC Center October 19th San Francisco, CA – Landmark Embarcadero Center Berkeley, CA – Landmark Shattuck October 26th Los Angeles, CA – Landmark Nuart Theatre San Diego, CA – Landmark Ken Cinema Minneapolis, MN – Lagoon Cinema November 2nd Salt Lake City, UT – Broadway Centre Cinema
Video Rating: 4 / 5

22 Responses to “FINISHING THE GAME – “BUILDING A JOURNEY” Docu. Part 1 of 3”

  1. MadameDeJaVu says:

    Who the hell gives some douchebag the right to tell Asian American people how to represent themselves and their art? I will not be dictated to, about who I can watch, I am from England, and so do not really understand, all the clearly racist structure in American societies, but having been a fan of Kung-Fu movies all my life, and since being an adult my viewing has become more diverse in all aspects of Asian movies, long live Asian movies! Fuck all the haters.

  2. stylebyconnie says:

    this was such a good movie. It came out while I was in High School and totally was in relation to my life. I loved it,

  3. wendyvee says:

    Three Cheers For Uncle Ebert :)

  4. pondorigin says:

    Right here, Mr. Ebert. That gets me right here. *fistbumps*

  5. MusetteVigeeLebrun says:

    I didn’t even take the dude who criticized the movie seriously.

    I loved Han so much, and I’m Mexican, but wow, I love Sung Kang.

  6. dante144 says:

    I love Roger Ebert

  7. jingfengchen24 says:

    justin lin, julia asato, man you guys are heroes!

    “we said NO, we wanted to tell the story on the page….”

    wow, refusing that much money to stay true to your ideals, thats inspirational!!!

  8. bamb00sage says:

    God bless u Ebert, u GET IT!!!!

  9. haiyah6 says:

    roger ebert is the most respected film critic in america.. his opinions freakin matter.. the man won a pulitzer prize so his opinion definitely matters.. i cant believe that man, who loves to pidgeon hole asian americans

  10. mizhou2 says:

    these guys are totally awesome!~

  11. TalliMay says:

    Go That Old Guy Who Defended The Film ^.^

  12. goee9 says:

    I would’ve love to hear what the “condescending” guy said about how Asian american should be repped.

    Anyone know?

  13. piachy says:

    Roger Ebert Rox!

  14. moneymasterjet says:

    go ahead Roger!

  15. unggio2 says:

    BLT will be remembered as the first true Asian American film.

  16. spinyanteater says:

    I love you, Roger Ebert.

  17. NyXpun says:

    BLT was like a bit more than 4 years ago

    man i cant wait to watch this shit

  18. asianamericanfocus says:

    Very well done!

  19. eignacio says:

    Great Job!

  20. laresistance28 says:

    ah, I love BLT and can’t wait to see FTG. Is it me, or does Justin look SO much older now than he did when he shot BLT? I hardly recognized him!

  21. salamundo says:

    man blt changed my life (in a sense). love the whole blt fam. justin lin is awesomee

  22. Hero123 says:

    awesome, Gotta love Justin Lin, Roger Fan and Sung kang

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