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The PSP Collection

By popular demand, here’s my PSP collection! Background Buy cheap online Provigil music by me noodling around on my Korg DS-10.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “The PSP Collection”

  1. Mrkingdomheartsboy says:

    Awsome collection man i i got a god of war psp and i was wondering can you recomend any games for it maybe a rpg for a beginner like myself or a platformer?

  2. Randomsauce77 says:

    Awesome commentator, and the music you made is sweet.

  3. AncientDragonHero94 says:

    nice collection

  4. MultiAncafe says:

    where did u get shin megami tensei persona :O YOU ARE AMAZ?NG :)

  5. thiefofpeace says:

    Is there any region code for psp like there is none for ps3?

  6. AdrianMerson says:

    i hate the PSP GO i thought “i’ll give it a try” I bought one and tryed to slide the screen and it slid completely off. I was like “oh…crap…” I took it back thank god i got my money back.

  7. MrTechnoSqueek says:

    HAHAHA I love the ending lol

  8. 7ThreeHead7 says:

    Knights in the Nightmare is coming to the PSP =D

  9. TheAvidCautionist says:

    I hope you just forgot to show FF Crises Core because you’re missing out on a great game otherwise imo

  10. ekan1995 says:

    try out Valkyrie Profile Lenneth! it’s awesome!!

  11. ksharkey1000 says:

    nice collection man i love it.

  12. TR4VI5 says:

    hey retrocalypse, its been a while since you uploaded a video. what happened to you man ??? hope to see you soon. and keep up with the gaming !

  13. ericindacut says:

    monster hunter freedom for psp is kool. id love it if they made one for the ps3

  14. Daimen555 says:

    U play a lot of Japanese rpg and shit, I prefer. Action games like shooters and LBP

  15. SiCSpiT1 says:

    Rez on the PSP would be BADASS!

  16. jake10846 says:

    music too loud

  17. chronocream says:

    I don’t mind some digital downloads. I’ve been doing it on PC for over 10 years, so it’s not really an issue to me. The digital copies load more quickly and you don’t have to worry about hearing the disc drive spin. And the prices aren’t always more. I got Arctic Edge for $20 on PSN, same price as Amazon. Not only that, but the digital copy can be installed on more than 1 machine. It’s nice turning the system on and immediately having a bunch of games you could play without putting in a disc.

  18. chronocream says:

    Getting Hexyz Force? Looks like Wild Arms 1 to me, so it’s automatic win.

  19. spainking1 says:

    i cant wait tell im 18 rite now im 13 it must be cool to stay up all night and play xbox on mic and get your games and as many as you whant pps 5,5 i susucribed

  20. ChildOfBodomy says:

    Nice to see a psp update, glad you liked the final fantasy “remakes” on the PSP. great collection of psp games, just like your ds!

  21. mcminnkey says:

    retrocalypse, i ahve a question,

    does your psp ghost, like, do the graphics blur?
    low refresh rate

    just asking bc mine does and i was wondering if it was normal

  22. antnie0425 says:

    Great collection.

  23. MHfan305 says:

    Glad I saw some Prinny, Monster Hunter, and Half Min Hero. They dont really get the attention they deserve.

    P.S. Can’t wait for Prinny 2 😀

  24. ap3xultima says:

    Bah Half-Minute Hero isn’t out here in the UK yet :( but quite a fine collection there.

  25. 911BONEZ says:

    haha well maybe in 5 years it will be collectable, kind of like the system that failed because nobody bought it. And yes lets hope the days of ALL digital download games is far off.

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