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Episode 7: “A Car Story” — Once Upon a Time in Baja

Leave comments! Share with friends! Celebrate the birth of a new car! Visit local-motors.com for more info. The Rally Fighter is an off-road racer, custom designed and built for the American Southwest by a new US car Buy Cialis company, Local Motors, that builds cars for niche communities. See it in action in Baja-California, Mexico, during its visit to the Baja1000.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Episode 7: “A Car Story” — Once Upon a Time in Baja”

  1. borix06 says:

    dear Sony Music Entertainment – f*ck you!! ..f*ckers

  2. Derpinguin44 says:

    @localmotors I am the practitioner of many arts but not the master of any. Past trade experience includes pest control, computer programming, electrician, carpenter’s apprentice, automotive disassembly, and I worked for a couple days at an oil change shop.

  3. Derpinguin44 says:

    @localmotors I barely recognized the song at first, considering my spanish is terrible. Then I heard “tel california” and was like “OMG, epic!” Or something along those line.

  4. localmotors says:

    @Kievman86 Hotel California covered by Gipsy Kings – @Derpinguin44 is right.

  5. localmotors says:

    @Derpinguin44 Sure. What can you do?

  6. Derpinguin44 says:

    @Kievman86 It sounds like a spanish cover of Hotel California.

  7. Derpinguin44 says:

    Dear Local Motors, I would like to become an indentured servant in trade for this car. Love, Derpinguin44.

  8. Kievman86 says:

    the name of the song?

  9. Shiek927 says:

    Wow, and I thought the Bowler’s were great. The new king of rally cars?

  10. Bradwerd says:

    3:18 TheJesus.

  11. wankelcrazy says:

    Hmmmm…I’ll take when when that $50,000 I got in my pocket starts burning a little hotter…

  12. emacemacii says:

    I know I might get thumb down on this, but I must say those Civic Coupe tail light looks right at home at the back of this car. Man this car is wayy cool.

  13. gruntmasta says:

    Bowler races their Nemesis in development so why not?

  14. lukeshytalker02 says:

    its gypsy kings version of hotel clifornia , great cover

  15. lukeshytalker02 says:

    Aston Martin DB7 is widely regarded as one the best looking cars ever produced, and it used Mazda tail lights and they’re not gonna race a car still in development are they

  16. firefox225 says:

    Man that thing has more MPG than a Prius! and it looks better too.

  17. DocWolph says:

    Cast this machine in the next MAD MAX movie, dammit!

  18. sciocont says:

    This is going to be so nice once Mihai’s interior gets put in! I just can’t get enough of the RF

  19. MonkeyFencing says:

    wow, I am so impressed with local motors! great idea, great approach, great business model, loads of fun!

  20. lmariferrari says:

    Yes! The car is registerable under the custom vehicle umbrella. It is DOT compliant, exceeds EPA, etc.

  21. awesomeSkins says:

    This camera man knows what he’s doing!!!! ;]

  22. rfw1994 says:

    awesome music!

  23. localmotors says:

    @tinalei47 This video features the first run outside a parking lot. The people who helped develop this car want to see everything, even if it’s not ready to jump, they want to see. You can see more race footage in the Spring – jumps and all! The civic tail lights can be modded to look unique. These are the best fit for DOT compliance & price – did you know a unique tail light program costs upward of $2million? We’d prefer to keep the cost down and mod the DOT compliant lights as you like.

  24. tinalei47 says:

    So the Rally Fighter doesn’t actual race in the Rally? Lame! Nice Civic taillights on the kit car though.

  25. plateofshrimp says:

    It’s just parked on the side of the track?

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