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Allen Iverson 41pts Kukoc vs Payton Sonics 00/01 MVP NBA

Toni Buy Accutane Kukoc played perhaps his best game of the season and so did the Philadelphia 76ers. Kukoc scored 19 points in support of Allen Iverson’s 41 and the 76ers roared to a season high in their fifth straight victory, a 121-89 rout of the Seattle SuperSonics. “Toni Kukoc played like we expected him to play every game,” Iverson said. “We need a lot of that from Toni. He’s one of those special players that can change a game.” While the 76ers have maintained the best record in the NBA this season, they have done so with little help from Kukoc, who has struggled to find his niche in the offense since being acquired in a trade last February. “When I don’t play much or play well, I still get upset,” Kukoc said. “I go home and think about what I can do better to improve, and stay in the game longer.” A former Sixth Man Award winner and a member of Chicago’s three championship teams from 1996-98, Kukoc came in averaging just 7.2 points per game. He surpassed that in the second quarter, when he scored 10 points and fueled a game-breaking run. Kukoc made 8-of-9 shots in 21 minutes off the bench, surpassing his point total for the last three games combined. He helped the Sixers shoot 53 percent (47-of-89) and post season highs in points and victory margin. “It’s great when you can shoot 90 percent from the floor,” Kukoc said. “I don’t know how many nights you’re going to shoot like that but this helps my confidence and helps the team as well. When I get involved early in the game, it

25 Responses to “Allen Iverson 41pts Kukoc vs Payton Sonics 00/01 MVP NBA”

  1. bigmelo19 says:

    @JZ2001JC agree

  2. JZ2001JC says:

    @bigmelo19. To me it seemed like THE GLOVE’s best yrs defensively were from 93-98. He was still great from 99-03 but had his best performances from the mid-late 90s.

  3. JZ2001JC says:

    @blab123oida. Well said man. People need to remember Kukoc was the 6th man of the yr in 1995-96 72-10 Bulls team and went off for 30+ PTS on many nights, heck a lot of times it was KUKOC BAILING OUT MJ AND PIPPEN. I always felt that he could be a consistent 20 PPG scorer if being a first-second option. ANd LArry Brown is a weird coach at times—he must have forgot how Kukoc’s Defense improved big time in his yrs in Chicago.

  4. blab123oida says:

    @JZ2001JC another thing is, that even while Kukoc played there Coach BRown didn’t make enough use of him. Instead Lynch played most of the time, only because he was a good defender. Brown was only about defense the whole time. He exagerated it. Lynch always played over 30 min and Kukoc only about 20min most of the times, as he did in this game. But you can’t expect a player to make 19 in 20min and go 8/9 every night. After they traded him he made about 20 pts 6 ast 5 reb in 35min/g with ATL

  5. blab123oida says:

    @JZ2001JC Sixers had an awfull GM (Billy KIng) back then. I feel sorry for Iverson. I think they only made the trade, because Ratliff injured himself before the All-Star Game. So dumb…Ratliff, an All-Star that year, Kukoc, a world class player, and Nazr Mohammed, who began to show that he could be solid bench player, for the old Mutombo with exactly no offensive skills. After this trade their offense was soooo weak. You could especially see it in the finals. Mutombo’s and Hill’s shots…awfull

  6. JZ2001JC says:

    @peskelj. I too thought that was a dumb trade. In the NBA Finals the 76ers lacked offensive firepower outside of Iverson to stay up with the Lakers. Heck even Ratliff was a leaper and could have been a threat with his alley oops. Obviously Kukoc would have given them another guy capable of scoring 20+ PPG, which would have freed up A.I. even more. Lakers probably still win but the series goes to 7 instead of 5 games and Game 1 was all A.I. winning it.

  7. SMCAndyLe says:

    30 shots???

  8. bigben030303 says:

    0:19 good block

  9. aryamusl says:

    with kukoc on this final, i think that this series will be totally diferent. 4-3.

  10. bigmelo19 says:

    the glove had some holes that night

  11. MikeRul3s says:

    Tony kukoch with the Sixers o_O didint think so.

  12. victorjulio15 says:

    iverson is a tragic figure in the mold of a chris webber. transcendent skills, some terrific seasons, but he’ll be remembered for what? practice. cornrows. “i should start”, larry brown feud, retiring too late, the denver/detroit/memphis fiasco….great player, no doubt, but i would say a touch overrated (42% career, 40% playoff) and never got the “secret”, to quote simmons. i think he mismanaged his career to be honest.

  13. peskelj says:

    only idiot would give kukoc and ratliff for mutombo. They lost the only player in that era who cold play a point guard and the center ( kukoc) , and the best blocker in the league (retliff) for an old player like mutombo. Mutombo managed to replace Theo but no one could replace the offensive flow that Tony brings to his teams…. Then it was all up to allen in sixers attack…….. it was a shame couse i hated lakers back then.

  14. KingRaffers says:

    AI is just 5’10.75inches tall.

  15. ShinAkuma21 says:

    this year he just need to lose weight so u can get his speed back … he really does need PRACTICE NOW lol

  16. WhatWillBecome1 says:

    @slvrangel4 mutombo and iverson are what got us to the finals, we felt like we could win it all that year, you def weren’t going to win with an injured ratliff on the bench

  17. WhatWillBecome1 says:


  18. slvrangel4 says:

    It’s a shame the sixers traded 1/3 of this team for Mutombo. Mutombo was a good player, but he wasn’t worth what the sixers gave up to get him. This team may or may not have won it all, but they would’ve definitly competed as one of the NBA’s upper level teams for years to come. Instead, they hobbled into the finals and remained a .500 team until Brown left.

  19. chiladin says:

    Dog he’s 6ft 160 lb’s and was a shooter so you live with his low FG % because who else is goin to score? He never had another teammate to pass the ball to that could score until he signed with Denver(Carmelo)!

  20. theWayofstrategy says:

    a late reply but just found the vid now, well injuries disturbed the Lakers, team chemie was bad, the bench had nearly zero quality, Shaq (still great) started to decline and was out of shape

  21. 22IQ says:

    when you’re guarding A.I., you can kiss your sweet ankles farewell.

  22. bigk4444 says:

    the thing with A.I. is that hes inefficient. The year he won the MVP he shot 42% from the field.

  23. djAmarK says:

    its really sad to watch these clips and then go to espn or something and AI cant even find a team now. the press gives him too much sht.. i really think he can score 20+ easy for any team, and even off the bench

  24. RealistFame91 says:

    the pistons had more fire, ben wallace could have played defense 5 on 1 that season but he has 4 other guys that played great d, ben wallace on shaq, tay on kobe, lock up d

  25. RealistFame91 says:

    right, who would have guarded shaq? ratliff was done for the season, geiger? be for real

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