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Life With Derek 101: The Room (Part 2/3) – HQ!

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Don’t forget to click the little red HQ button!!! No copyright infringement intended All rights belong to the original owners Life With Derek Season 1 Episode 1: The Room Unhappy with having to leave her old life behind to move into the home of her new stepfather and his family, 15 yr. old Casey McDonald believes that she has gotten the short end of the stick. Feeling that she has lost everything, Casey decides that she needs something that will help carve out a niche in her new life. Much to everyone’s surprise, she wants the room of her stepbrother, Derek. Enjoy!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Life With Derek 101: The Room (Part 2/3) – HQ!”

  1. MaryKitty13 says:

    I use to have the biggest crush on Derek. And I love Marti, she’s so funny!

  2. dannycuttie448 says:

    do u no the girl who plays lizzie well if u herd of dagrassi she plays adam on dagrassi

  3. dustytrails12798 says:

    Marti:I have an anouncement!

    Everybody: *ignores her*

    Marti:I’m not wearing socks!

    Everybody:*still ignores her*

    Marti: I SAID*everyone looks at her*I’M NOT WEARING SOCKS! *stomps foot*

    lol. gotta love Marti(:

  4. MsDisneyManiac1 says:

    You know what makes no sense? If Casey and Lizzie are sharing a room that is smaller than the attic and used 2 be Edwins then why did Edwin hav 2 move out ? Lizzie and casey are 2 ppl so they shud get the attic and plus it would of saved time from shifting all of edwins stuff to the attic.

  5. JulieLemenaite says:

    was she from the color of friendship? emily?

  6. samierulz123 says:

    @TheMaryMoss yah u hav a point lol

  7. samierulz123 says:

    @viOLeT5oo oh yah lol

  8. samierulz123 says:

    @HermioneYr7 lol i no

  9. samierulz123 says:

    @ladambert if u dont like it y u watchin it an commenti on it lol

  10. samierulz123 says:

    @CakeEater99Banks wat do u mean once lol

  11. samierulz123 says:

    @ciarasheep tell me bout it

  12. samierulz123 says:

    @ciarasheep she is so nice wat u chatin bout she probberly doesnt like da style lol

  13. ciarasheep says:

    Casey is such a bitch, she gets a big, big room and is complaining.

    Her room is better now.

  14. ciarasheep says:

    Derek is so hot and calm.

  15. peoplealwaysleave10 says:

    i miss miss miss miss miss this shoooooooow sooooooo muuuuuuuch.
    so many memories from watching this show. i love Derek, hes soo hoooot <3
    disney needs to air this show on again.

  16. DancerAbstract says:

    the girl who plays emily looks familiar

  17. CakeEater99Banks says:

    I think Derek is annoying! I had a step brother once and he was soooooo annoying and rude!

  18. ladambert says:

    what in the hell em i watching? a stupied canadian show!!!! wtf

  19. Chelsea08041999 says:

    @viOLeT5oo lol until derek finds out were she is and purpousley goes to annoy her XD

  20. HermioneYr7 says:

    i agree with emily derek is a hottie 😉

  21. viOLeT5oo says:

    i luv caseys bed. and i wuld luv 2 live in the basement. its huge AND theres a lot of privacy.

  22. TheMaryMoss says:

    casey is such a bitch she should be thankful they are letting her hav her own room

  23. BonishkaFromTexas says:

    good plan but stop being so dramatic!

  24. megarkokiller says:

    @justinbieberlove25 yea i love this show

  25. vampeye167 says:

    @justinbieberlove25 umm they do where i live but they repeat episodes over and over and over again

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