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Shinichi Osawa – Star Guitar (Brookes Brothers Remix)

out 6 October available for purchase from iTunes, www.mosdownload.com, http www.hmv.com Shinichi Osawa is one of Japan’s largest music outputs, an acclaimed producer, composer, DJ and musician he certainly has made a name for himself on the other side of the world and within niche music markets around the world. Do you recognize this one? We thought you could. Star Guitar was originally a hit for the Chemical Brothers in 2002 where it reached # 8 in the UK singles chart. Now Shinichi has this song in a stunning guitar-led fusion of twisted beats with a driving bass line transformed with the vocals sound more urgent than ever before! With early support already coming from the likes of Radio 1s Pete Tong and Galaxy FM Andi Durrant & David Dunne we can definitely see these creatures from the dark underground clubs played to the peak time terraces worldwide. Remixes courtesy of the Streetlife DJs, Brookes Brothers, and The Japanese Popstars, Cagedbaby, Patrick Alavi & Popular computer.
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25 Responses to “Shinichi Osawa – Star Guitar (Brookes Brothers Remix)”

  1. corewrecked says:

    Finally, this track could id! :) Agreed on the summer 2010 anthem, dark hand

  2. Aladhruin says:

    The Chemical Brothers Remix used to be my theme song. In this case, what a gem!

  3. Lord69Spyda says:

    @ Koreanjeenyus me:)

  4. anjunafae says:

    @ DUSPK I love this song. Opinions are funny

  5. LiquidRelief says:

    THESE ARE Brookes Brothers close to God

  6. djliquefaction says:

    @ DasOne773 The original is, this is the Drum and Bass Remix.

  7. DasOne773 says:

    Um … Is not great to beat? Not drum and bass or jungle …

  8. DnBConsort says:

    15 people have smallpox

  9. darkhand207 says:

    @ Breakbeatfanatik I in 2010 for the first time I heard. I did not say a hymn for the year 2010, I said my anthem for 2010

  10. breakbeatfanatik says:

    @ Darkhand207 About a song is from 2008

  11. jeffindenver2002 says:


  12. DUSPK says:

    All they did speed up the pace and was the ruin of a perfectly good song. I feel like this is something you find in a bad car driving game Tetris or ripoff is.

  13. buncey1234321 says:

    everyone can stop writing your “thumbs up when ….’ or “anyone who does this comment thumbs up” please

  14. DjOvrdos3 says:

    good song, but that 2 fast … I like the Armand Van Helden Remix best

  15. MrKained123 says:

    15 should her hand in my pants, lay hold of my penis, taking it out of my pants and stuck it in her mouth Saad Saad.

  16. STARZZtv says:

    DJ Starzz – 2Pac Remix Dead, this is a good mix

  17. ipkis86 says:


  18. fredfredburgerdude says:

    15 people suck at life.

  19. S1ashar says:


  20. SYGZY says:

    @ Ysaraz! Now go sit in the corner and think about what you just said!

  21. Paumonsu says:

    You should feel what I feel, you should take what I take

  22. Dexman13 says:

    perfect bass great song is a long time favorite Brookes Brothers are awesome to be !!!!!!!!

  23. lalalockstep says:

    Holy sh! T. Sick Remix … I saw another cover of this tune done by CvrBrthrs, you should see!

  24. mrcezaone0 says:

    Brookes Brothers play Friday 15 Oct at Sound Control Manchester!

  25. friendlyoblivion says:

    @ Ysaraz haha mate, if you do not like, then repeat I do not think for you fuckin love this remix dance music lol

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