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A Skylit Drive – The guns could sink a ship

New Song! HQ recommended! Buy Accutane www.myspace.com OFFICIAL VIDEO: www.youtube.com LYRICS! READ HERE! (Sorry for all the errors) I will have to find you from Replacements overrated It’s once or twice now said Silently we go the day the secret now with your eyes in the back of the head Can you see to it reach me? And I will hunt up a way I every niche and corner of this city that I can not go stop until all the bleeding expired Remember what you said about being a friend now? The movement in the hips, the bell tolls, as the poison in How do you wake up sets? How do you sleep at night? Remember what you said I know where you are planning your escape, you do just that, as I say some odd years now … Fight for your latest chance in life you will never find out where I bury you I will force you, upright, sitting with access to your heart Now is your time to plea Say it, “Set Me Free!” Set me free Remember what you said about being a friend now? The movement in the hips, the bell tolls, as the poison in How do you wake up sets? How do you sleep at night? Remember what you said
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25 Responses to “A Skylit Drive – The guns could sink a ship”

  1. Uberboy07 says:

    M /!

  2. tr3vis123 says:

    if the poison in SETS a friend now remember!

  3. happy00slappy says:

    even my grandma can tell this singer is a guy when they first heard. No lie, they said, “the guy has a good talent of singing it.”

  4. imyourdisasterpiece says:

    vvv these people are retarded? yes, the singer was a guy.

  5. twinkle70858 says:

    This song is sooo fucking amazing is the band !!!!!!!!!!!

  6. n1kk1gurl says:

    @ Xepher85O there is a guy

  7. devilman1996 says:

    in the still confused about the singer for outside like a guy but girl singing voice? (Maybe gay)

  8. Xepher85O says:

    No, the singer is not guy.

  9. Halo3Linkinpark1 says:

    the new stuff is good, but Jordan was a better singer than Blake Michael Jagmohan. its just my opinion though

  10. Landistus says:

    @ XxTiffanyxX101 mines “remember what you said to a friend legs now?” omg omg

  11. Suckwhat56 says:

    His voice, its just amazing: O

  12. ricanjman says:

    @ PopTheMelon werddd lol I listened to first tap tap

  13. Sydleskay says:

    @ NeverShoutStephhh Oh, hm. Thank you. 3

  14. XxTiffanyxX101 says:

    My Fav PART Ill Find You Out “<33

  15. NeverShoutStephhh says:

    @ Sydleskay It is a game for iPods, it’s like Guitar Hero for the fingers I guess you could say. :)

  16. Sydleskay says:

    Wth is Tap Tap?

  17. OMGMyPeaches says:

    I knew this song long before Tap Tap.

  18. xomybrokendreamxo says:

    I’ll find out:)

  19. GerardWayFan94771 says:

    @ Kingc4rn4g32 hahaha I know! I listened to six months looking for it you live and get the shock of my life. Trust me. it’s a guy. or a very weird girl who cries a lot. , D

  20. DropDeadDennis says:

    Oh wow .. how did you find this band by tap tap! You should find how good they are (: lol dont you just hate status, saying: “Accept” if you are here by …?” I do .. I sure it does not bother me that you will find that mean the band by tap tap but seriously do you keep it to yourself to hear .. and just the music, thanks (!:

  21. Sydleskay says:

    I would not doubt if I was the cause for this video half of them get the views, I am mindestens.Natürlich scherze.Ich am only suggesting that I hear the song very often. 3

  22. uknowwho90 says:

    His voice is so sweet, but the lyrics are so hard: o

  23. HelloGoodbye001212 says:

    hmm, I want this thing now get TapTap (: I loooove A Skylit Drive.

  24. screamo9 says:

    @ Zetridor not the avatar looks like the image

  25. minamelody says:


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