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Bro Hymn Nnamdi Ewenighi Nkwa anointing

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gospel singer has a niche for himself longing in the music industry

25 Responses to “Bro Hymn Nnamdi Ewenighi Nkwa anointing”

  1. bekkysucess says:

    little angle u make me smile when I’m down I always watch, this music makes me smile for customers of dance steps i luv u. ur life is hidden with Christ in God. good music

  2. smillinggeorge says:

    very good music ……………….. But the dance and drama is secular and off anointing

  3. smillinggeorge says:

    very good music ……………….. But the dance and drama is secular and off anointing

  4. smillinggeorge says:

    very good music ……………….. But the dance and drama is secular and off anointing

  5. rossygbest says:

    God bless DIS composer. UR BLESS.

  6. MegaPatrixia says:


  7. morningstar0503 says:

    I love the way the little girl is dancing …. thanks for the song Brother Nnamdi, the anointing of the Lord will never happen to His children in Jesus’ name! Greetings from Cameroon. We love Nigerian Gospel at all times.

  8. 22maulwurf6 says:

    my heart is full of this kind of music, two and a half in Sierra Leone and two years in Nigeria, give you the Feever to know a lot of their menthality

  9. inno4big says:

    Isaiah 10:27 says: And it shall come to pass in that day that his burden will be taken away from off thy shoulder, and his yoke from off thy neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing werden.Gott thank for the anointing. Glory to God in the highest.

  10. SunnyGod001 says:

    Um .. The little girl is awesome dancer.

  11. udokagospel says:

    This is a masterpiece, pls, keep it up.Dieser little angel, dancing for you should be very well managed, may God to do His will in their lives. How can I get this music, pls, help mir.USA.

  12. macclintonwhite says:

    The little girl is a big star in the family meet pls keep them with golden spoon gods are on their mission, that word never handle it carelessly, BRO Nnamdil wish you more everything you best, everything has committed.

  13. Nino05able says:


  14. chimagodgift says:

    nice one

  15. thirdexodus2008 says:

    I just saw this song, wanted to browse the channel was, but was drawn to the little girl dancing.I impressed, even impress others read by the same dancer.

  16. dearone4lifee says:

    By God’s grace this little girl is a blessing to their generation. May God protect you in Jesus name! Brother Nnamdi I’m loving your music so much, yes, I played it again and again and I can not stop loving. To the person who posted it, God bless Sie.Chidimma. United Kingdom.

  17. Jesustine says:

    Wow. I cannot really explain how I feel now watch this video. The little girl is anointed. God bless you all for this great song. Stella from Cyprus

  18. umamber says:

    He has always been a good little princess makes my singer.That is day.she have such precious.I never seen a little girl who so boldly bless b4 the camera this way.God you my sister

  19. chosenman3 says:

    hei my brother I love this song so much from you it makes me fill anointed in the Spirit, God bless u and My Baby Girl tell her chosenman3 in Finland who loves God and loves her the most.

  20. obynne says:

    Anyi God bless you too …… Oh, the little girl, she’s a good dancer

  21. anyigeo says:

    The Bible says by their fruits we shall know them.THAT girl, I mean, that little angel. Oh my God. B4 I read what she has already brightened my face.God who began this good work helps her to be unique in the society.and I love this song and God bless the singers, and it posted.

  22. worksofbawbee says:

    What a beautiful little girl Song.Das brings a smile to my face.

  23. okechukwuboegbu says:

    Men …, that, sa great song, I love the little baby, a little angel, they dance so good, baby think it ok, it’s song so wow ……. Brother keep it up God bless


    Great! Love dancers!

  25. peterclaver84 says:

    I love so much the little angels … she can dance very well. Take care babe … Peter from Malaysia

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