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Dot Rotten – The Rotten Club News Report (Woo Riddem Freestyle) [S-Star TV]

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S-Dot Rotten StarTV link to film an epic version of the Woo Riddim, which he sent for a few MC’s check it out and leave a comment

25 Responses to “Dot Rotten – The Rotten Club News Report (Woo Riddem Freestyle) [S-Star TV]”

  1. SEECH7 says:

    S STAR you have the best intros hands down

  2. kingaling123 says:

    he was so underrated second only to money for me p

  3. Rdot1992 says:

    @ He Flowgarlore Wiley eski beats … Ice child was in eski beats and hes kool him. He was sent og’z fine because for him, he sent for one guy and he sends for the entire Hood Stars? NO hes still kool 12th child with ice cream and Mega Snake is not the word, he is just unlucky with Besatzungen.nicht although matter because hes better off without a team in which he now realized.

  4. L00peey says:

    @ Sunny279719 looool

  5. MrSNoWMaNII says:

    So, he bombed the track sex, then again hes said sighting poo, that was sick …

  6. silencerls13 says:

    Dott rotten rtyyyye nw

  7. TheShotazz says:

    he called my fone but he wernt happy to say oh, if you dont back me dont chat to me you know I am happy for the shaft to make big bars of rotten ya fam duno how chimpmunks champagne bottle head, that he did crash cud dis WASTEMAN!

  8. joshjrgong1 says:

    @ Rdsam303 I thought it was “to make music i cannot be arsed smetime”

  9. KarmageddonUK says:

    FUCK @ Reloadfmradio such as starting your diss Griminal’s a mad mans spamming on every single vid … dickhead

  10. KarmageddonUK says:

    @ TheMassvolume closed until u batty

  11. almondmnm says:

    @ Reloadfmradio stop wasting your money on equipment and stop your time trying to be big. Nobody respects, because you tried to become famous by insulting people who have worked hard. Griminal your ignore dissed because he knows you’re not worth it, and he is not gonna give you free advertising. Idiots.

  12. JonasReemt says:

    SS Tar … Nice music …! Sub …!

  13. NAUGHTYBREAR says:

    rarseclut melody

  14. rdsam303 says:

    @ 100seanmooney, to hear a heart sometimes to make musi i cannot b asked

  15. zeekideeki says:

    @ 100seanmooney He says: “I like bedder Daniel (Daniel Beddingfield) for the way I feel got to get through this” lol

  16. MCKeithyG says:

    sick siiiiccckk

  17. TopShooter777 says:

    @ Sunny279719 lol SNM

  18. Prettylinkz says:

    woo Riddim until bigg Dot Rotten

  19. killerkboi says:

    @ Flowgarlore it is not because he’s Snakey. it is up there is always someone in the team that it exploits. ÖGZ as he left because he wanted to go on solo, but things happened to him and little Dee. Hood Starz and lead also to the fact that Wolf had happened, summat with him and left him Wolf. It is explained in the melody. but he is not TBH Snakey

  20. 100seanmooney says:

    cannot work dat wot hes said to Bar, “to make music sumtymz i cannot b asked? only at the beginning?

  21. flowgarlore says:

    like this guy cum and then combines crews began for them to send ESKI BEATS>> OGS>> Hood Starz>> Snakey somehow trust me

  22. UKsoundLAB says:

    great! Come out my channel!

  23. Sunny279719 says:

    @ Runescape2215 u got runescape in your name. i dont think u got an opinion

  24. MartialWondo08 says:

    Best woo riddim

  25. SanchezTheDon says:

    @ Stefan2SERB Hahaha agreed! DM guys need to stop cuz dey are shit! goon especially since the above tooth

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