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My top 10 GORIEST 2D bosses!

Happy Halloween! This Halloween special covers my top ten goriest 2D bosses of all time! Talk about niche! This list is based on games that I own and played mostly as a kid, which of course may have some effect on the titles I selected. As I say in the video, this isn’t a definitive or all-inclusive list, so please feel free to submit your favourite gory bosses of 2D in the comment box below, or if you feel compelled, post a video response with footage of your pixelated nightmares! To be honest, Buy Cialis I thought of this a short time ago and I was barely able to get it done in time! I would’ve liked to spend more time covering this topic, but I’m happy with the finished product. All of the tracks used are credited at the bottom left of the screen, so if you like anything you hear, please go to I-Tunes or a record shop to pick it up! Support AWESOME music! Pirating is for Jack Sparrow, nobody else! I would like to thank Reyes for helping me get through a large stack of games in a short time, Josh and Danny for spending an entire night trying to help me find a copy of Super Metroid with a save file near the end, as always my parents for their support and for watching this more times than I’m sure they cared to! (this music isn’t their thing of course), my AWESOME subscribers (I broke 100 recently! NICE!), and of course YOU for watching! Have a fun and Happy Halloween! Peace
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “My top 10 GORIEST 2D bosses!”

  1. jaytay161616 says:

    seeing your fucking stupid luigi face cutting in every other second doing some dumb shit pointless look is FUCKING ANNOYING

  2. MegothJagome says:

    You forgot Abadox for NES. I think at least the cilia monster deserves a top 5 position…

  3. kr1stof1 says:

    Its a good vid i agree with most of them, even if i did not fight againts all of them. But i still think that earthbound is the most disturbing, and it is quiet gory, especialy when u know the story behin it

  4. kr1stof1 says:

    @sandcrawler22 since when was lost planet 2 2D

  5. TheOrangeDart says:

    Everybody type in “gift” before youtube then press enter

  6. Skrittyskrat says:

    hey i hear Aphex twin’s expert knob twiddlers playing in the back ground

  7. Mysterious0Bob says:

    @LareBearProductions 2D.

  8. ImmoralSpawn says:

    @LareBearProductions or it front……..

  9. sandcrawler22 says:

    that’s not gory if you want gory try lost planet 2 the 2nd boss after taking out 3 of its 6 legs it fall opening its mouth and letting you go in by the way anyone know how to kill those things that are in a ring before you get crapped out I need help.

  10. DMSwordsmaster says:

    Number 6’s boss from Life Force is called Brain Golem.
    Name says it all…

  11. kadgi says:

    @goemon047 yeah, the disambiguation on wikipedia is pretty large, lol.
    But yeah, i think we are ptobably talking about the same Exile. Kinda sad, really, since Listening Tree was one of my favorite albuns of 09 and i didn’t knew he signed as Exile also. Oh, the times i trolled “when is your next work coming out?” …

  12. goemon047 says:

    @kadgi I’m sure you’re right. Actually, I think there might be several artists under the moniker Exile. I know that there’s a popular Japanese band with that name and someone that asked for my help finding this artist a long time ago said that their searches for Exile yielded some country band!

  13. kadgi says:

    Hum, yes… didn’t know he signed as that too.
    BUT, ain’t there one artist that also signs as Exile? He’s black, supposedly, dwells with post-dubstep craziness

  14. goemon047 says:

    @kadgi It’s the same guy.

  15. kadgi says:

    @UltraWill Tim Exile? Ain’t this Exile? It does sound like early Tim, but…

  16. UltraWill says:

    One of my favorite Tim Exile tracks + Luigi-Rubber-Johnnyesque video = WAT. Sick video lol

  17. scatzilla99 says:

    #8 is vaugely phallic.

  18. StopDropAndROFL says:

    Oh man I’m rewatching this years later and you used IDM and breakcore ๐Ÿ˜€ It fits so well with the video too

  19. xXES3MXx says:


  20. ST0PM0SS says:


  21. puppetmaster983 says:


  22. Mysterious0Bob says:

    @metalpsips What part of the boss is gory? Or even threatening?

  23. metalpsips says:

    i wonder how u forgot to list Giygas…its known that he is the most disturbing boss battle ever happened on a videogame

  24. purplepinkpillow says:

    HR Giger.. aya

  25. sukingeggs1 says:

    make more videos!

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