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Life with Derek 101: The Room (Part 1 / 3) – HQ!

Do not forget the little red button HQ! No copyright infringement intended all rights belong to the original owners of Life With Derek Season 1 Episode 1: The Room unhappy about having that in her old life behind him to the house of her new stepfather and his family to move 15 yr. old Casey McDonald believes that they get the short end of the stick. Feeling that she has lost everything decides to Casey that they something Buy cheap online Provigil that needs help carve a niche in their new lives. Much to everyone’s surprise, she wants the room of her stepbrother, Derek. Have fun!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Life with Derek 101: The Room (Part 1 / 3) – HQ!”

  1. cabel555555 says:

    @ Volleyluver13 Uhhh News Flash !!!!! ummm where the show is and was never out! (Duh. …..

  2. Zoey10021 says:

    @ DaughterofAphrodite huh, that Adam is from degrassi?

  3. HermioneYr7 says:


  4. volleyluver13 says:

    Omg I love this show too bad it’s no longer on

  5. Mythinkingbox says:

    @ Morty2264lol. xD I repeat a lot I can not? w.o remember .. MARRIAGE. :)

  6. Morty2264 says:

    @ Mythinkingbox heard! :)

  7. Morty2264 says:

    “Come, make room for Mama.” I love the French-ish, she said that, lol. : D

  8. Mythinkingbox says:

    I love this show! xD this show is soo underestimated Disney! I plan to start watching from episode 1 and so on! :)) This show is awesome!

  9. Jawanijatt says:

    what is the song at 0.45

  10. Aashi537 says:

    I miss this show vry muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  11. lalabri887 says:

    in legit up crying, to show how much I loved this, I miss it: (

  12. nathanrulz1234 says:

    It is still on, but only on FOXTEL! I do not hav Foxtel but my couz it has so dats how I know

  13. Cooldar92 says:

    I miss this show me and my brother watched this show every day disnay also that the show is in Canida.

  14. iluvthehontry says:

    woah tht is Jordan todosey from degrassi he is a rlly FTM or has he or she do such

  15. MsOMGQUEEN says:

    @ NightATStar101 it is

  16. smilesillyc999 says:

    is that girl that is really so degrassi … u know a FTM

  17. rufaidahashmi says:

    ommggsh is so hot, Derek!

  18. babyphat463 says:

    @ DaughterofAphrodite this where they started! : P

  19. coleswifey4life says:

    @ DaughterofAphrodite right? idntk until recently

  20. peoplealwaysleave10 says:

    I miss miss miss miss miss this shoooooooow muuuuuuuch.so sooooooo many memories of watching this show. I love Derek, hes soo hoooot <3Disney again have this show air.

  21. sakcool4 says:

    I love this show!

  22. Slipsnob says:

    @ LilSadiefulWie it? Is it because they like normal people instead of people with magical powers or something to act? D8 Or because her character is not a cop chick knows Kung-Fu and beats all the above? Because I honestly think that even casual act requires some talent.

  23. Britt18ify says:

    @ I do not think Avrillavigne9109 that they canceled. I thought it just ended. It ended with Casey and Derek going to find out they’re the same college and the holiday film.

  24. frecklemaggie says:

    I miss this show so much! Favorite show EVER! Derek is so hot!

  25. JadoreDesire23 says:

    @ Cammyxoxo3 Derek was also in Hollywood Goes Degrassi:)

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