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Ordinary to Extraordinary – Sadhguru

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www.ishafoundation.org http In this exerpt from “In the Presence of the Master” Series titled Ordinary to Extraordinary, Sadhguru, at a sathsang in the Isha Yoga center in India, offers his wisdom for a seeker who is confused about which direction to take… Please visit www.ishafoundation.org to download talks by Sadhguru.

25 Responses to “Ordinary to Extraordinary – Sadhguru”

  1. themarkmystic says:

    Sadhgurunath Maharaj ki Jay! = I hail the Master that has revealed the Truth to me.

  2. vgvgvg7412 says:

    Thank You Master! :)

  3. ngndoor says:

    thank you Sadhguru xx

  4. billhuston says:

    I love Sadhguru! A great teacher.

  5. DemetraLove says:

    @jemandast you are already like him, he would tell you that! You already have greatness within you. :)

  6. FletcherHabit says:

    Real deal Holy-field

  7. RIchardEPfeifer says:

    Not for me…but good try

  8. spiritualinmeseeker says:

    this answer of decision making is very good. but how we decide we are in moment of clarity and joy, and if in a later stage you recognise that previously it was not clear and now is more clear.

  9. jemandast says:

    He is a real man, I wanna be like him

  10. joethepro3 says:

    smart man : )

  11. Salocin27 says:


  12. killersathish says:

    Actually ter s notin 2 do wit genes

  13. ShaolinHero1 says:

    Do it! : )

  14. bijo2000 says:

    His talks are truly great, simple and true (and we understand him) but that big dreadful microphone so close to his mouth in every video is extremely intrusive and disturbing (and totally unnecessary!). If they need a professional sound&video specialist, I am ready to help for free.

  15. ObsidianImages says:

    This guy is great, at least he knows what he is talking about and can have a laugh. Its good to see a few worldly teachers here, who dont think they are above everyone, superior and infallible, like Dattatreya Siva Baba, the world’s biggest Bullshit artist. His claims and teachings are to be honest, comical and pathetic. But this man is really logical, easy to understand and actually makes sense. Good work Sadhguru, keep it up.

  16. eddieeee3 says:

    why do you need his divine blessings…why, why, why…when…where…

  17. sadhu1987sadhu says:

    the same story with me,..i keep on changing,…. and let me tell you ,…i am lost,…..lol…..BUT one cannot do anything about this habit,….. no matter how hard you try,….. you cannot change the behavior of constant change,.,., its basically in our genes…,.,. for example my dad too has a habit of changing decisions,..,., may be i inherited this from my parents,….. BUT ONE CANNOT CHANGE THIS,…. ITS NOT IN OUR HANDS,…. and there is no such thing as moment of clarity….

  18. BlogsofWoolhouse says:

    isn’t it so?

  19. cashman247 says:

    Inner peace comes from wanting peace.
    quiet your mind, have no desire for want but peace.
    be grateful you have your peace.
    thank your soul for its peace.
    and it will thank you and give you peace

  20. mrcuteblackie says:

    Love and all else are concepts. get beyond that

  21. ZenBarracuda says:

    Without love, where would you be right now?

  22. magallist says:

    This is great stuff – thank you isha foundation. Sadhguru, you rock.

  23. icannotfly says:

    milindnjoshi: ancient? i would have called it transcendent.
    there are some things that all humans know and understand, weather or not they have realized it yet. hearing such things from someone who has realized it is something that i believe everyone should do. this man is simply exposing our basic humanity, re-teaching it to those of us who have forgotten or lost it.

  24. oldnewbieraver says:

    can i beg it from u? will u give a poor student?

  25. milindnjoshi says:

    than you for posting the ancient wisdom, please keep posting more to uplift all of us, and create more joyful world.

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