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JACK IN A BOX: The Interview (Episode 14)

JACK IN A BOX: The Interview (Episode 14) Jack has a job interview. It’s super creepy. How far will he go to convince himself/everyone else that he wants to be a receptionist at a boutique niche marketing firm? Special Guest Stars: Nat DeWolf (“Lisa Picard Is Famous”) and Randy Harrison (“Queer as Folk”). Written by and Starring: MICHAEL CYRIL CREIGHTON as Jack Special Guest Stars: RANDY HARRISON as Timmie NAT DeWOLF as Terry Pixiewixles with Mark Peterson as Justin Bieber-esque Interviewee Shot & Edited by JIM TURNER Production Assistant: MARK PETERSON MUSIC: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) SPECIAL THANKS: Joe Pikiewicz, PH Offices, Eric W., EGC, BPM, DAC…and you. ABOUT “JACK IN A BOX” “clever, funny-sad-funny”- David Cote, Time Out NY Blog www.jackinaboxsite.com Heused to love theatre…until he sold tickets for it… Jack In A Box is an original web sitcom from actor Michael Cyril Creighton. Jack was a mild-mannered young man with a BFA in acting and no life Buy cheap Accutane Online skills. He took a job at a theater box office because it didn’t involve heavy lifting, wearing a blazer or using Excel. A few years and thousands of customers later, Jack finds himself less mild-mannered and less young than ever before. Watch Jack try to manage his anger while navigating an insular universe where everyone is even more unstable than he is. Like all caged animals, he is going to throw his sh*t at you sooner or later… but first he’s going to eat a cupcake and take a phone call from his mom
Video Rating: 5 / 5

25 Responses to “JACK IN A BOX: The Interview (Episode 14)”

  1. edilamarandh says:


    I lol’d.

  2. edilamarandh says:

    Wow, Randy does ‘bitchy slightly unhinged office worker’ very well. =D

  3. gohelio says:

    ok – how can i count the ways i love this video? the entire exchange between michael and randy was amazing — the little facial expressions on michael’s face, the way randy (wow, i almost just typed justin there – scary) closed his eyes while sniffing michael, randy’s laugh, michael’s “wow, i wasn’t making any assumptions…” — aah, this is hilarious! good to see randy in this medium too, since i’m not able to see him on stage. keep up the good work! :)

  4. ohhihowsitgoing says:

    I love … Michael!

  5. avoca1970 says:

    very funny vid and yes, randy is to die for. as always.
    thx so much for posting.

  6. RE2LeonS says:

    LMAO “Don’t rip anything out of the magazine’s” *cough* *rip*

  7. jack69ist says:

    @davidisadadof2 Love Randy’s delivery of that line.Brilliant!

  8. jack69ist says:

    @choosernotloser I agree.He’s only 32,hardly old.

  9. jack69ist says:

    @Kewlaunt What is he doin in August?

  10. davidisadadof2 says:

    EPIC- “BECAUSE NOBODY TAKES THIS JOB FROM ME” via the mean Randy Harrison LOL!

  11. clandestinecoherence says:

    randy harrison doesn’t age.

  12. atlantageo says:

    wow this was definately funny…never seen randy like this!

  13. bragg says:

    So funny as usual. Why this hasn’t been picked up by a network for TV is beyond me.

  14. 057461811 says:

    I love Randy so much!! Still YOUNG !!
    When is he gonna be on TV again !!?

  15. choosernotloser says:

    Randy’s still look great after all this time. He’s matured and become hotter n sexyier!
    <3 Randy <3 this really funny LOL XD

  16. dearnannie says:


  17. xoFrankenstein says:

    Randy looks great =)
    Anyway this was so hilarious!

  18. Kewlaunt says:

    Randy still the best. Cannot wait to see him AGAIN in August <3

  19. katwagg says:

    LOVE IT!

  20. LLDProdz says:

    I love Randy in this; he’s great!

  21. ewan4791 says:

    i dont like ur face…..rEALLY GOOD

  22. jack69ist says:

    @porlum Well,it has been over six years since Qaf and he has mature.He defintely looks better with age.Very sexy!

  23. galefan101 says:

    I love Randy,hes awesome in this <3 <3
    Vonnie x

  24. cristianishere says:

    @johnlouisville That’s a pretty good idea actually.

  25. cristianishere says:

    Didn’t dig the last webisode (episode 13), but this latest episode is on par with some of your best. Nice work. Some pretty hilarious moments. The interaction between you and the receptionist…LOL… “like cigarettes and palmade”—LMAO!!! “Mr. Pixiewicksel!” ha ha.

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