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Oromo Green Page Interview with Roba Geleto

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www.oromogreenpage.com http The goal of the Oromo Green Pages (OGP) the unity and economic development among Oromo people in the United States should be encouraged to offer the Oromo with a convenient and comprehensive guide to Oromo and Oromo-friendly companies. We are committed to understanding the special needs of people living abroad Oromo and we believe the critical first steps to building a successful community is internal support each other’s educational and business goals. Our reward is not only to companies but community growth and knowing that Oromo dollars to those who spent authorize Oromo. The Oromo Green Pages strives above all, information about the latest education, reference, provide health care and professional services in North America today. The COP is an important source of information for consumers and businesses alike, as it not only maintains the network, but provides the latest information for consumers and professionals worldwide. OGP is specialized for maximum visibility for our advertisers through advertising and marketing services to the Oromo and those of our customers when it comes to targeted this niche market. OGP also about success stories of Oromo entrepreneurs. To be part of this unique network Oromo please go to www.oromogreenpage.com

25 Responses to “Oromo Green Page Interview with Roba Geleto”

  1. ilovemamo says:

    lmao! Fat girl, I liked me personally this movie

  2. wavaso says:

    If you are a business man, you shouldn’t just Oromo Music.

  3. sanyii430 says:

    Oromoo can lead com to his FREDOM i oroomos Heroo G / Tadesse BARU

  4. urtube9988 says:

    Hey, why are u Wakogollochana this here posting? What is Ur point huh? u pretending to be a gay man. Funny how u bitter X-girlfriend trying to get back on the X-boyfriend. I think u watched too many African-American films lol. Sorry, Sista I do not work out. Go get a life and get out of here no one can helfen.FYI you. u think u are invisible on the internet, but Ur IP Address has been registered, if u for youtube and it is very easy to follow. Do not forget that! Peace!

  5. wakogollochana says:

    my name is Wako Gollo Chana, I was born and spread grew up in Kenya, Moyale, i in the U.S. Nashville tenesee.The Kenyan Nation news rumors to live with me because I am gay an affair with one of the deputies, I would have now to come out of the closet because I get sick and tired of living fake life and wasting my wife time.she am a son to me, but I’m not sure if the baby is mine is there anyway I can let her go? because I have a lover (boyfriend) I do not want to hurt feelings.help please help

  6. teddygebre says:

    num of perjury: 1 Negest Leka not fat girl she is not even addressed in CREW.2. what about u tolking success story, I went to the site could not find, ein.das last thing I really like how they say he said about u create racism & hatred between ethnic groups, “sorry man u made great effort, brought up , see, for me it is a big mistake.

  7. ethi0nz says:

    Stay strong my Oromo God is with Ethiopia. Meles will not if volentarily then taken by force. From your brother Tigray

  8. Maliksabawi says:

    Ur comment has nothing RACE exactly like the other OLF and whatever … and it is a shame … primitive

  9. seattleite7 says:

    Oromo are the only proud of black people in Ethiopia. The rest of Ethiopia Oromo discriminate, because most Oromo darker than the Tigray or Amharic. Long live Oromo. The rest of Ethiopia, the Amharic and Tigray worship Arabs and people from the Middle east.The rest of Ethiopians are ignorant fools.

  10. victoryfororomia says:

    Viva and Victory for us Oromo and Amharic Tigray Down with the rule. We shall liberate and control our country. We are more and more. Our Oromo people will be left there long peace independence of Oromia.

  11. fgwtx says:

    HA HA HA LOL what a joke

  12. HaileYohannes says:

    Haloo my black frend.you have a good idea, but you only say that it is not Oromo well. Think what you do. we are one in Africa. “One love and one of Africa Ethiopia

  13. wrtlem says:

    Oromo can do what it think is right for them? Why does it bother you if you are an unemployed public nuisance!

  14. wrtlem says:

    First, get it right your name as Challaa not Chalaa! We know of no Oromo with such slavery mentality unless you are Gobana! What the hell is ‘racism’ / ‘marginalization’ has everything to do with the promotion of historically disadvantaged great nation of Oromia? From your characterization of “racism”, it sounds to me that you probably bullshit a little like-minded Habesha! Out of the Oromo business now!

  15. wrtlem says:

    wolaytewo you are very funny! you even can not imagine the importance of being known in the world? Do you know that ‘English’ is an ‘ethnic’ group and others (Scottish, Irish, etc). Since you were a slave of Amhara (Wolamo) for such a looong time, I do not mind u hold such an opinion garbage. We Oromos are not only ethnically, but one of the great nations of Africa! We do not always have with you! We want to build our own nation!

  16. wolaytewo says:

    Wrapped with a black race and as an African, I think it’s important to keep your identity and ethnic origin, but as far as dealing only with ethnic groups, you know yr inferior makes, especially against other ethnic groups! I mean, he is clearly the separation of our Oromo brothers and sisters from the rest. if it is clear from the economic prospects Oromo business is also advertised in other non-Oromo websites for consumer reasons!

  17. oromialove says:

    U are fool.You will understand if you do get older.Every people in this world, ethnicity is matters.You understand if you’r thinking at the start of your Ethiopian / Habsh field …. until then keep Fölling yourself.You ‘not deceive me, or anyone but themselves.

  18. blaknbrwn says:

    This is stupid! How many Oromo own business here in the U.S.? If not Oromo will advertise their business connection … would you like it? I agree … what a stupid white chic!

  19. wolaytewo says:

    I mean, I do not know what would do well to know about your race around the world have! this is what I oppose in Ethiopia, where my ethnic origin is to be registered on my passport! it does not mean I am inferior, but I do not see the benefit of all me say where I was born! I mean, the brother is a little lost, where the Oromo Regin live in Africa!

  20. Chalaa1 says:

    well the guy does succusful and all that.However what he does is a racist a black on black thing.People try in the world, destroy racism yet MR. Mike has a racist agenda, the merginalze not black from black, but even Oromos, I black from another. how in the world a bussines man presented in shameless fashion. Please try to do something benifical for you and your people otherwise you are even the destruction of the repetition of other Oromo as racist.

  21. mtmspiders says:

    sorry for u people. u so young u do not know anything about Oromo. go visit ur ppl in Ethiopia.they r so happy if u say Ethiopian green side. Oromo not green side.

  22. bethy7465 says:

    u r wroooooong

  23. bethy7465 says:

    Oromo Green Page … very funnnnnny

  24. Consoleposterboy says:

    Oromia is a nation, whether you like it or not. The empire is dead

  25. bethy7465 says:

    Y u kids talk shit about ur own contury. U like it now or Oromo and Ethiopia is one.

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