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New Bass Line 2010 Ludacris, how low remix DJ Desire

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beat my new bass line you get your copy here www.dubplatemp3.co.uk nice one for the support 😉

25 Responses to “New Bass Line 2010 Ludacris, how low remix DJ Desire”

  1. SpeNatt says:

    I love it, people keep it up

  2. Adamk7368 says:

    it relly sick man

  3. Adamk7368 says:

    Yes, there sick man

  4. Adamk7368 says:

    I love this song

  5. Adamk7368 says:

    @ Adamennis999

  6. McillemsRemixes says:

    sick bro.

  7. Jordanvilla2010 says:

    5 people there never pulled pants up:)

  8. Jack18076 says:


  9. sweetenarmantaite says:

    Love it m8 xx <3

  10. wiganpierkid says:

    Please share this need melody

  11. secretmissfamous says:

    this is good:) you can use the common cause, but a bit quickerr Causee I have this performance in school and I want to use itt had, but it would be quickerr to a bitt:))

  12. dagger520 says:

    Mint tune download iv

  13. JessicaOandOTaylor says:

    Go Low !!!!!!!

  14. TheDeepershade says:

    Ludacris sounds Showa fam at 140bpm, great melody

  15. wiganpierkid says:

    Love thistuuuuunnnneeeeeeeeeeeee

  16. badboyrb100 says:

    Sikk Track first bassline remixes andda Sikkes one blud!

  17. nuggaELLZ says:

    Who are the 2 fags that to be different that the DIS fallen?

  18. hannuurr010 says:


  19. zeedubz says:

    @ Adamennis999Ich have my own beat from scratch one used an acapella yeah u jus is god in time with UR lost m8!

  20. adamennis999 says:

    To something like this, you must acepla von”Wie deep you can sinken”und of instrumental music to get from another song?

  21. MrBirminghamgstarr says:

    M8 not bad, not bad

  22. zeedubz says:

    @ Neaco12 yeah yeah the link in the description m8!

  23. neaco12 says:

    Eney website is drawn to the UV, so I can download

  24. millard2905 says:


  25. TheNumber1qt says:

    LOL Ahhhh-wesome!

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