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Free Website Analytics

In my capacity as a search engine optimization specialist I often gets asked by my clients about Free Website Analytics. The answer I always give is quite simple. I always recommend Google Analytics.

Of course this is not the only free website analytics program available, in fact many hosting packages have one built in, but there is no doubt in my mind that none of them can do as good a job as Google Analytics

Google Analytics uses a unique number that is pasted into the template of your website. It’s even easier to set up if you use WordPress as you just have to put the number in a box and a few clicks later it’s all set up.

When you login to your Analytics account you will be able to see a snapshot of how your website is performing. There is a lot to take in so initially just look at the most important factors.

Site Usage is probably the most important factor as it is indicating how many visitors you are getting and the 30 day display allows you to see if the number of visitors is going up or down. You can also see on a map where in the world your visitors are coming from

If you click on traffic sources in the menu you get a more detailed report which tells you whether your visitors came from a referring site (one that links to yours) or whether they came via a search engine or from directly keying in your website address. The number of visitors from Search Engines is of great interest as this indicates how well your website is performing for keywords and phrases. You can keep drilling down through the data but the most important factors are ‘how many visitors’ and ‘where from’

For any website to be a success it needs large numbers of visitors, the more you can get, the better. It is a numbers game. Analytics shows you the numbers but you need to put things in place to increase them as best as you can

There are only two ways to increase free website traffic. One is to build more pages of content which the search engines then index to allow more people to find your website. The other method of gaining free traffic is through links. Links increase your search engine positions by constantly advertising your sites presence and also guide actual visitors to you from other sites. So build great content and build links and your visitors will come. Buy cheap Accutane Online There is an incredible system available called ‘Total Traffic Annihilation’ that delivers massive amounts of visitors to your website which is well worth a look at. I have placed a link to it below here, if you want to take a look at it.

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