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How to – shower built in shelf installation ideas – atlanta tile

tilemasterga.com Buy cheap Cialis Online Hi, i am showing some ideas of built in shelf in shower or tub surround , looks very nice , is very handy , i am using red guard waterproofing . Tile installation Atlanta , bathroom remodeling
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14 Responses to “How to – shower built in shelf installation ideas – atlanta tile”

  1. irbenson says:


  2. REYHUNTER says:

    Question…Is it absolutely necessary to use spacers when tiling a tub surround or can you place tiles next to one another?

  3. suctionplease says:

    ah…forget tiling. I just wanna DANCE.
    Cause the music just ain’t gay enough.

  4. lovetogokiev says:


  5. tati31251 says:

    You red guard the shelf but yet you tile over greenboard??? Don’t tell me you are using mastic too. THat is what the durock is for.

  6. nononame2008 says:

    You made the bathroom & desig look so beautiful………… I think you are king of the world. Thanks !

  7. cosmo103 says:

    how can you make it straight so it won’t be crooked?

  8. gratewhitehuntr says:

    you rock the shower

    nice to see the required cuts

  9. pammax says:

    Beautiful work!

  10. Seniortrends says:

    Daft Punk (Around the World), good song, good work.

  11. pepperspraydepot says:

    I’m a Finisher/Plasterer about to do my bathroom, n I don’t do normal, so, I love the vids, you’re awesome, I bet you set the standard in your area, I don’t have experience at this but at least I’ll have some knowledge. thanx, glad to have found you.

  12. jocky102 says:

    didnt look like it, otherwise the white plaster would be discoloured from the waterproffing membrane too, so no waterproofing was used i guess… unless you can get transparent waterproofing kits in the states, the ones over here (bal or pci) tend to dry grey so you can see where it has gone and missed bits (not that you should have any missed bits anyway as its painted on thick)

  13. Rothgore says:

    Are you tiling over greenboard? Why redguard the shelf opening and not the entire shower or did you use a different waterproofing?

  14. mikedwschick says:

    I love those shelf ideas. I am remodelling my shower right now, and I was just looking for some videos on how to do this kind of work for some pointers, and boy I wish you could come do it for me!!! LOL You make it look so easy.

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