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Retail Hell or Diffcult Life

retail work sucks, but you can get too! What to learn.
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11 Responses to “Retail Hell or Diffcult Life”

  1. spacegrl says:

    Blue, blue, blue …. so funny and true!

  2. RespectTalent says:

    You gota check out ABC’s of retail, the truth about his customers!

  3. SilentGuitarist says:

    Do it. I work there for a year and I’m still trying out … If you have more food, just message me.

  4. vincentsclone says:

    Everyone should work at least a retail job. Then they would know how we feel.

  5. CledusTJuddfan says:

    lol … so true

  6. retailxrants121 says:

    I worked for Borders for example, 2 months to get for taking too long in the bathroom and chewed out an asshole was fired by a manager, wat a bunch of assholes. I am planning a rebuttle video explain wat happened and chewing them from the same period. They did not even allow me to express my thing, they just told me, his mouth and out, so now this year and to mock them embarress on youtube to see how they like it.

  7. rudyiking says:

    I want a raise, I hated it when we had stuff on sale, and the people “could not” find it so we had a voucher. Or people would buy bakery stuff and do not write down the PLU or without food. Man, I could go on …..

  8. DMcCanles says:

    These are so great! The last one is prefect! People are so close, really. I mean look at our government. Thank you for that.

  9. Mudhooks says:

    The lady who opened the first day of our shop in my area (computer books) came and was angry because I was not the book that “an industry standard” and that while she did not know the title, author and publishers as well as what the theme was (I kid you not!) I would have. Her departure was shot. “I’m the chapters completed” all books “Yes lady, all 500 billion pounds each are printed on our shelves!

  10. Mudhooks says:

    The “Solar Effects” lady who called on average twice a month in search of books on solar effects … Someone flushed (encountered a friend who works in a drugstore that someone had flushed a can of tuna for her) a number of long johns down the public toilet. The man who ate fried chicken while reading art books. The man who tried to exchange (free) MCSE books he bought three years ago because they were “out of date” and it was “cheating the customers,” which we rejected.

  11. Mudhooks says:

    This is hilarious and the story of my (former) retail life … Oh! I have stories … I began a series of cartoons called “Adventures in book trade, based on my experiences. Memorable” customers “? It was the pigeons shoplifter who hear no idea we him tearing open the CD boxes (tip, to add the identity? 5 copies of the could be CD “American Sign Language” disappeared in a week have been).

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