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Discovering a ‘Singing’ Tree – Bernie Krause

Complete video at: fora.tv Dr. Bernie Krause, creator of Wild Sanctuary, explains how he recorded audio signals emitting from the trunk of a cottonwood tree while trying to record bat emissions. He decided the song derives from cells dying as a result of sucking in too much air while trying to maintain osmotic pressure. —– Dr. Bernie Krause, creator of Wild Sanctuary, demonstrates that every living organism produces sound. This presentation focuses on the symbiotic ways in which the sounds of one organism affect and interrelate with other organisms, local and regional, within a given Buy cheap online Provigil habitat. Learn about unusual soundscapes and their relevance to preserving natural sounds worldwide. Biophony–the notion that all sounds in undisturbed natural habitats fit into unique niches–will be used to illustrate the ways in which animals taught humans to dance and sing. – California Academy of Sciences Since 1968, Dr. Bernie Krause has traveled the world recording and archiving the sounds of creatures and environments large and small. Working at the research sites of Jane Goodall (Gombe, Tanzania), Biruta Galdikas (Camp Leakey, Borneo), and Dian Fossey (Karisoke, Rwanda), he identified the concept of biophony (a/k/a The Niche Hypothesis) based on the relationships of individual creatures to the total biological soundscape within a given habitat. Dr. Krause was Scientific Director (appointed by NOAA) of the operation that rescued Humphrey the humpback whale from the Sacramento

25 Responses to “Discovering a ‘Singing’ Tree – Bernie Krause”

  1. Tones4me1 says:

    I will share this with everyone I know. Awesome!

  2. PeregrineTrousers says:

    Don’t let it bug ya. Nice periodic waveform tho!

  3. shayral says:

    Sounds like a pretty interesting profession. Hope your body is in better shape these days.

  4. 9thincarnation says:

    First – some trees scream in the spring due to great internal pressure. When you make a cut ( you hear it when using a handsaw or turn off your chainsaw) all of that running sap can create a sudden negative pressure and it’ll make a high pitched squeeking noise. Quit from too much wear and tear on my body. Torn rotator cuffs , almost died from tuleramia. I once loved caring for trees.

  5. shayral says:

    That is just fucking creepy to think about. Why’d you quit?

  6. 0BatGirl0 says:

    Trees have good rythm

  7. marsCubed says:

    This correlates with something I have been playing with, which is the concept that signals within cells or organisms can be thought of as sound. a kind of meeting of music geometry and information.
    Sound in this context is a series of arrangements each making their case, summing to a whole which may be thought of as a kind of jazz representing the beliefs a cell has.
    These kinds of relationship are fascinating. interconnections on so many levels.

  8. freesk8 says:

    The sound is caused by tree cells dying?
    Why are they dying in such a regular rhythm? That makes no sense at all. If these were the sounds of tree cells dying, they would be random. More like white noise. The cells don’t “line up” for their chance to die.
    Why not the sound of a straw slurping when the liquid gets too low? This is regular, and the tree’s cells are like long straws.

  9. Inupiatun says:

    It sounds like a fractal rhythm 😀

  10. InTheSticks1881 says:

    Who wooda thunk? Do animals hear the forest talking?

  11. franksvenatra says:

    That’s awesome. It sounds like aphex twin.

  12. Anjimom says:

    Awesome…sounds like the beat of a native drum maybe we aren’t as far removed from nature as we might feel sometimes.

  13. 9thincarnation says:

    Good stuff. Was an arborist for 20 years and some trees scream when you cut them with a chainsaw.

  14. madhoyden says:

    That was pretty cool.

  15. blackiron60 says:

    Very interesting.

  16. rastarigate says:

    hahahaha… is that movie any good?

  17. globalarte says:


  18. mattghtpa says:

    It’s Happening!

  19. mattghtpa says:

    Makes me wonder and also sad at what else we are missing or just ignoring.

  20. ncfwhitetigress says:

    that’s kewl

  21. dunndudebemelol says:

    We live in a wonderous world

  22. rastarigate says:

    that is the tree’s sound before it attacks humans!


  23. m0nkeybl1tz says:

    Damn, someone should sample this… That would be a sweet techno beat. Plus anyone tripping would love to know that the music they’re listening to came from the tress, man, the trees.

  24. zacdee316 says:

    Wow, that is weird.

  25. ancientkiki says:


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