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Mobile Phone Radiation Test Proof

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alternativecomplementarymedicine.com present Mobile Phone Radiation Test. I measured how far can my RF measuring device pick up radiation from usual mobile phone. Well in this video the distance was over 5 meters. So having a phone 1 feet from your head might not do it. Some people got tumors exactly wher ethey hold their mobile phones – above the left ear……… Download my FREE E-BOOK – www.altermedicine.org – LEARN HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF AGAINST HARMFUL WIRELESS; MOBILE NETWORKS; RADAR EMISSIONS; MICROWAVES; ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS AND MUCH MORE here http it has many useful tips, you will become an expert after you read my ebook
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25 Responses to “Mobile Phone Radiation Test Proof”

  1. rli168 says:

    hey, where did you get your meter and how much did you pay for it? i’m thinking about getting one for science fair.

  2. Gavrielle1231 says:

    Interesting pic. I’ve only seen her with the frost-blond wig. – Naked Lady Gaga. C000M –

  3. rhenster15 says:

    are you drunk ?.. and you need to clean your house man .. lol

  4. mtadriverdave1 says:

    @michaelheikkilae Ok so where’s your proof that there haven’t been any deaths? We can all see that you are trying to throw a “monkey wrench” in all of this but your in lala land if you think that people cannot see the effects these devices pose. How long have you been on your phone then ? Please tell us and be honest……..

  5. mtadriverdave1 says:

    @michaelheikkilae Listen it is obvious that you are caught up like everyone else with your toy but fine you don’t want to listen to the evidence including me that is up to you. But I will tell you in 5- 10 years from now you will be singing a different tune when you go in for an MRI or Kats Scan of some sort. All this guy is saying is to THINK a little about what you are holding up to your head? Use the speaker only and protect yourself.

  6. Altermedicine says:

    @mtadriverdave1 Good idea, I will try to do this next time

  7. mtadriverdave1 says:

    @Altermedicine I will try that what you said. I don’t use WiFi anyway because I believe in the same thing as the cell radiation. You know I searched far and wide for someone to make a test like you, but I think your video would be more effective if you showed us what the cell phone manual or company said it their phone radiates (RF) safely and you compare with your Radiation device and show us the numbers that thing is reading. USE a lot of light in your movies sometimes too dark to see .

  8. mtadriverdave1 says:

    @Altermedicine Is there any way I could email you directly?

  9. Altermedicine says:

    @mtadriverdave1 Thanks for nice words, Yes I beleive you, I am glad they fixed your tumour. Well try to avoid phones whatsoever.

    You can protect your home too with High Frequency shielding paint, window protectors and avoid RF fields up to 99 %. It really works, I measured them, it is not a scam in any way. Avoid using wifi, or keep it away at least 2 meters also

  10. mtadriverdave1 says:

    @Altermedicine I want you to know I too have been using my speaker phone since 2008 and symptoms of dizzyness and vertigo vanished, but I was too late when I got a siezure just last month followed by an operation to remove a tumor the size of a golf ball. The operation was a success thank GOD and I am just like you……..telling my family and friends the dangers of the device…..but as usual people would answer me with ” I use my phone 5mins a day” they should consider what that is in a YEAR!

  11. mtadriverdave1 says:

    Listen I am from NYC I watched your video and finally someone is showing a clear link between the power of the cell phone and its dangers to the consumer. I am living proof, I have been using my cell phone for 13 years starting in 1997. By 2005 I suffered from a fullness in my left ear followed by vertigo attacks where things were spinning out of control. In 2008 I started using speaker phone only for a month and the vertigo vanished. In 2010 I had an operation to remove a tumor from my head.

  12. NoRadBlog says:

    mobile phone are so bad that I feel bad when someone else is using a moble phone several meters away fro me!

  13. moviesunrated says:

    This doesnt show anything apart from your phone has a range from where it was to you. It doesnt show that it’s really bad, and too much radiation. Just shows it has a range of your room.

  14. indiana4jones says:

    Great work have you tested a cell phone mast yet?

  15. amirborn says:

    don’t you know you are not spouse to say “FXXX” and “Kick my AXX” on TV :-)

    good click , here comes a 5*

  16. wowggscrub says:

    but this is not ionizing radiation .

  17. biedaznendzy says:

    I sit at front of old crt japanese TV receiver (not plasma ,lcd) and make phone calls.

    Some phone models will make a tv display and sound goin crazy scratch. Some models do nothing (maybe low radiation models?)

  18. Neuroelectronic says:

    Where did you get that RF Measuring device? What is the name and model, and how much did it cost? Does it monitor a large range of frequencies or only frequencies in the Ghz range?

  19. zaraki888 says:

    Btw, I don’t have a detector. Do you maybe know how I can test my mobile phone and use the gadget? I will make a video response.

  20. zaraki888 says:

    I have an important question. Do you believe in tools you can put on the back of your mobile phone to neutralize the radiation? I mean, you can prove it with your detector. Please answer me, thanks you!

  21. Altermedicine says:

    I have tested this, but did not focus on this problem 100 %, so expect new movies in the future.

    But from my tests the radiation is minimal. But still when you get a call and you carry a phone in the pocket that aint good. Many internal organs suffer for sure, your mobile phone is basically frying your organs, in long term who knows what effect we will have.

  22. AnduinX says:

    Cell phones do communicate with the tower while they’re switched on, so you’re still getting negative effects. The radiation might be minimal compared to what you get while it’s on, but it surely adds up over time for an effect that’s not so minimal…

    For instance I’ve read that men who keep their cell phone on and strapped along their waste can suffer a 30% decrease in sperm count. Thats a pretty big deal.

  23. Altermedicine says:

    Yes man use speaker as I do, if you use wires, some says that all the radiation concentrates in earphones so it is even more dangerous.

    I really suggest to use speaker or use special cable that does not transmit radiation.

    YOu can buy those

  24. Altermedicine says:

    Yes not so true, if it is turned on radiation is minimal, but when you call or somebody calls you then the radiation goes berserk (wild)

  25. primal111 says:

    I wonder why they took this down make more people

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