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The New PPC – Video 2- Pay Per Click Market Research – Part1

The New PPC presents Video 2 (part Provigil online No prescription 1 of 3). In these videos we will show you how we go about researching markets and finding ones that are profitable. There are many out there and we stumble upon an untapped market! Our tools of the trade are Google, ClickBank and Yahoo.

9 Responses to “The New PPC – Video 2- Pay Per Click Market Research – Part1”

  1. safyrohn says:

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  3. logiclxz says:

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  4. princeslumber says:

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  5. TenMillionViews says:

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  6. dablackdon says:

    I learned a lot and opened my mind to Out-the-box marketing from New PPC =)

  7. philhank says:

    what aload of useless jargon none of this actually means anything and is just opinionated sales speil.
    google ppc should be based on statistics, collect enough data to determine the value of your keywords, then you use mathematics to work out formulas to improve aspects of your account such as cost per conversion or conversion rate. this video is misleading and uninformative. visit sayu dot co dot uk

  8. qwiksand says:

    Great job guys

  9. enzo2602 says:

    Keep them coming :-)

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