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Women consumers rule – female customer trends

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www.globalchange.com Most older consumers are women and most online sales are to women. Female consumers as pressure group and major economic force. Women and online banking. Why women own most of America and most of the UK — living longer than men and wealth in pension funds and property. Feminisation of society, culture and business, workplace, work-life balance and emotional intelligence. Winning the war for female talent. Feminization of products and services. Niche marketing and advertising campaigns targeting women. Conference keynote speaker and Futurist Dr Patrick Dixon.

3 Responses to “Women consumers rule – female customer trends”

  1. onideas says:

    Well Spoken.
    We are studying the same type of trends in todays environment – social media has changed the face of consumer trends based on trust. Women are a very important segment to consider.

  2. pjvdixon says:

    I am doing a video on this very soon – SUBSCRIBE.

  3. Nkatsikanis says:

    How do you manage to understand and compress all this information from different areas of society and business?

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