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Frontpage Tutorial with David Cavanagh

GettingStartedOnTheInternet.com Buy Cialis – David Cavanagh shows the basics of how to build a website with Frontpage. David is an Internet marketing coach and mentor, and travels the World teaching people how to make money on the Internet.

25 Responses to “Frontpage Tutorial with David Cavanagh”

  1. joeysings says:

    David, you are excellent!!! Thank you for the info…I have improved my website with your help!!!

  2. infinitydownlineee says:

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  3. davidcavanagh says:

    @bronbarry I’m in the middle of doing a stack of new videos now. Will post them online very soon. Watch here as I’ll be letting you know where I upload them to.

  4. davidcavanagh says:

    @rbfholdings iWeb is excellent. I’ve used it many times and it’s got some awesome features. It’s personal preference I suppose. Nothing is right or wrong, it’s all up to the user at the end of the day. A brilliant Frontpage design will make a terrible Dreamweaver design look silly. The same in reverse as you’d understand. Both tools are good, but it’s up to the knowledge of the person using the tools.

  5. davidcavanagh says:

    @woofwoofbone Depends on what you’re using it for really. A lot of students who I teach just want to get something up and running online, which turns into cash for them. I look at it this way “do you want to be a web designer or do you want to be an internet marketer?” There is no right or wrong answer – it just depends on the situation at the time. I’d rather cash than flash :)

  6. davidcavanagh says:

    @theosquelch Appreciate your comments! It was ages ago that I recorded this video. Things have changed SO MUCH since then. Using WordPress is much better nowdays for sites and is awesome for search engine rankings as well.

  7. davidcavanagh says:

    @ferch0o0 Thanks :)

  8. davidcavanagh says:

    @SanttuSanteri Drawing on the screen on a PC is simple with Camtasia (which is what I recorded this video with). On a MAC computer, the best option is to use Screenflow (which is screen recording software for the MAC). Use it along with OmniDazzle which allows you to draw on the screen. OmniDazzle is great and makes your MAC seem like a tablet (and is available online for free).

  9. davidcavanagh says:

    @EllieFleet As soon as I do some more I’ll upload them and let you know. I don’t use Frontpage anymore, but I still stick by what I’ve always said when it comes to Frontpage and people getting started online – “it’s simple, easy and effective to quickly put a website online”. Thanks for your comments!

  10. EllieFleet says:

    Thanks, this really helped, can you give me a link to the next video? i cant find it and i REALLY need the help! thankss :)

  11. Lunatic225 says:

    That´s a feature from Camtasia Studio 😉

  12. SanttuSanteri says:

    How can you draw ? 😮

  13. ferch0o0 says:

    i? love it when you say “my computer”
    great job thanks.

  14. theosquelch says:

    A great help and easy to understand

  15. rbfholdings says:

    try iweb, its a mac program, but it does the job

  16. fediamalysh says:

    no frontpage better

  17. woofwoofbone says:

    I thionk i have frontpage but someone told me dreamweaver is better. 399 is expensive though and i am not sure about these free dreamweaver tutorials. I justlike to create a page more my pics and to share my vinyl album recordings.

  18. treismac says:

    Pardon me. In FrontPage 2003, how do you make a table the size of the entire body of the page?

  19. grunge65432 says:

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  20. bronbarry says:


    Please post the second video now.


  21. bronbarry says:

    great job.

  22. felixthemaster1 says:

    what front page do ou get from 2007?>

  23. CMBHQ says:

    its free not 2007 though

  24. arty1675462 says:

    great tutorial thank you so much. 5/5 tutorial

  25. eubobby99 says:

    very nice David, thanks!!

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