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Dj Luck & Mc Neat – Sambuca (Up Norf Mix)

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Old Skool Garage Anthem Nu Skool Niche Remix
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Dj Luck & Mc Neat – Sambuca (Up Norf Mix)”

  1. js7800 says:

    @00davidbaxter00 wow, convincing argument. nice one

  2. thisisaloadobullshit says:

    its dennis g and wideboys!

  3. buffsteve23york says:

    best hat rythms ever lol

  4. crazyvaruna says:

    nice one man!!!!!!

  5. playgurl02xx says:

    tuneeeeeeeeeeeeeee, giz me memories this duz

  6. 2ndSSBggydbluds says:

    I dont know whether im on the right track here, but this is how I catagorise Garage music.

    Funky Old Skool Garage
    Garage (THIS)
    Speed Garage
    Warp Speed Garage
    Organ Garage
    Bassline (Htwo0)
    4×4 Bassline (Subzero, DJ Q)

  7. wingman22101 says:

    this is the up norf mix but not wideboys on lyrics an this aint been pressed up on vinyl for sure!!!!!!

  8. skitzomar says:

    @rudeboibass hahaha u legend! trust

  9. thfcbest says:

    Would Everyone Stop Complaining About the His Mistakes and Enjoy The song thanks. :L

  10. dakusaab says:

    fuckin 1 hit wonders, must b dead in sum council flat smokin crack, fuckin mc neat dj fuck

  11. dakusaab says:

    fuckin 1 hit wonders, must dead in sum council flat smokin crack, fuckin mc neat dj fuck

  12. makrobins says:

    @McReconize Nah mate its Wideboys

  13. McReconize says:

    This is dj luck and mc neat you boob…

  14. 00davidbaxter00 says:

    @js7800 your totally wrong, deal with it

  15. netty120068 says:

    @rudeboibass well said :)

  16. liamdapowell says:

    why do people have to fuck up a classic for?

  17. ezeej1 says:

    heavy tuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeee

  18. js7800 says:

    yeah i’m with u on the missnaming tho, the track even says ‘W I DDD E Boys’ and also ‘the D E double N I S G’ which is a bit of a giveaway that it’s not luck and neat!

  19. js7800 says:

    @rudeboibass yeahhh that’s obviously where the name niche comes from but where i’m from (manchester) everyone just uses the word niche interchangeably with bassline or 4×4 or whatever. my mates from london thought the word niche was a northern word for bassline… either way enough people use the word niche to mean bassline that you can’t really tell us we’re wrong, just different.

  20. KoimaLechoN says:

    and u no say dis ruff

  21. autotraderuk says:

    @rudeboibass spot on it’s so bloody annoying

  22. deanoadda says:


  23. rudeboibass says:

    and “niche remix” its bassline 4×4 remix ,niche aint a style of music its a nightclub in sheffield where they play bassline!

  24. rudeboibass says:

    for fuck sake not every garage tune is by luck and neat, this is a wideboys tune and there remix, every tune i c on here people put the artist as luck and neat jus coz its on there mix cd

  25. irfanm25 says:

    sik trak

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