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Finding a niche ClickBank – Video Tutorial – Make money online right now!


Cheap Cialis Full resolution & Script available at: This tutorial is part ofJudith focused, no nonsense Sept www.howtomakeyourmoneyonline.com, Make Money Online Right Now Step-by-step instructions, and is in full resolution on www.howtomakeyourmoneyonline.com Now we are in the ClickBank homepage, which is an affiliate marketplace where you can promote other people’s products and earn a great commission be up to 75%. Now we are going on in the marketplace, and we will use in the marketplace in order for niches that are looking to be served by ClickBank merchants so we know that every niche that we choose is supporting products available that we promote to make money online. OK Now let’s start with a very broad niche. I will be “pets” put in, and press Enter. All our results in order of popularity are sorted, OK is now our number one product here Kingdom of Pets Complete Cat Training, OK, and then we go to Veterinary Secrets Revealed, Ultimate Secrets to marine fish, baking-A-Dog-A-Bone Cat Secrets Pet Owner Guide, Turtle & Terrapin Care Guide … Pets as a niche is far too general, we can see. We have to narrow it. So let’s try “dog”. Now let’s look at these results. Top products for “dog” Secrets Dog Training, Dog Food Secrets, Do It Yourself Complete Dog Training Program, Dove Cresswell’s Dog Training Online, The Complete Dog Food & Nutrition Guide, Healthy Food for Dogs … OK, we definitely have a pattern here
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