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Volvo Globetrotter Cab Celebrates 30th Anniversary

When Cheap Accutane the Globetrotter cab was launched in 1979, Volvo expected to sell a few hundred cabs a year but this niche product quickly became a success. The Globetrotter cab was designed to provide a safer option for long-haul operations when haulage from Western to Eastern Europe increased steadily during the 1970s. This year, 30 years after its launch, nine out of ten new Volvo FH trucks have a Globetrotter cab. Learn more about Volvo trucks at TheAutoChannel.com.

2 Responses to “Volvo Globetrotter Cab Celebrates 30th Anniversary”

  1. Charles2337 says:

    Wow these trucks are WAY more refined and high tech than American big rigs.

  2. fabioship says:

    love volvo

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