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Kill A Computer Virus-Entertainment!

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25 Responses to “Kill A Computer Virus-Entertainment!”

  1. campaingboy73 says:

    @ Me Thomasdfghj1! better watch out if you are in system files! scary thing that can system32 accidentally deleted!

  2. flare495 says:

    best tutorial EVER!

  3. NikkiDogLeader says:

    @ Cleaalex918 I did not expect that! I have to jump 10 feet in the air! : D

  4. ccmanmonc says:

    fuck i deleted my guns !!!!!

  5. cleaalex918 says:

    The monster made me jump honest I’m glad I had the volume

  6. hillsbark says:

    I get an error message that can not find “antenna”

  7. hurtzdoenut says:

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  8. epique9 says:

    xD I do not have volume haved lol, but I bet it was a screamer xD

  9. wiiLuvCalifornia says:

    “The thing was huge.” The girls boobs are huge too. 😉

  10. Bertusje500 says:

    at 0:32 your mother came on the screen: P

  11. AKUIRUKISOZ says:

    so cool awesome

  12. AKUIRUKISOZ says:

    so cool

  13. hannahFlowershshy says:

    I bought it with money I earned with the method posted on casino ad ez (dot) com, I’ts pretty good, I have about 220 in 2 days.

  14. valnar98 says:

    Load arm?

  15. GeneralRimmer says:

    it works on Windows 7

  16. yugiohabridgedman123 says:

    lmao wtf

  17. chuckv5150 says:

    I have the same thing when the monster showed up, only I used a real gun. Now I have to buy a new computer. THANK YOU!

  18. nightral8I4 says:

    I wonder how the girl in the background of all these bombings, monsters and gun fire feels.

  19. 754elvis says:


  20. ITHEDarkpancakei says:

    LOL I was tired and if the Monster Pop-up it made me scared me straight: O

  21. YvonneScarbor says:

    awesome vid … easyPocket cash: com worked for me!

  22. potskarpatski says:

    Farcry assault rifle

  23. julianbusty says:

    lol omg too funny I’m crying

  24. GMCPLDarkBlade says:
  25. lonelysin555 says:

    I jumped WTf

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