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Marketing as a first time buyer Real estate agent.?

Question by Theandysullivan: Marketing as a first time buyer Real estate agent.?
I would like to begin marketing to patio homes and duplexes in the area. I am young and in the same position as many of these home owners and buyers. How would you recommend I get started in this niche market?

Best answer:

Answer by glenn
Walk door to door and hand out a newsletter that you have written. Write it about local things they will be interested in. Walk the area with the newsletters for at least six months before you expect any returns. After that you can mail them or email them.

Preview every listing that comes up in the area you are interested in and be able to talk with neighbors about them. (Don’t say anything bad about the house because the neighbor may be relative or freind of theirs or they may wonder what you will say about them later).

Talk to loan officers about different loans that might work well for people wanting to buy in this area.

Always dress professionaly and wear your badge and hand out cards. (and smile)

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5 Responses to “Marketing as a first time buyer Real estate agent.?”

  1. Yeppers! says:

    Try your local newspaper classified section. Spend big to get what you want. It won’t go unnoticed!

  2. rpbart says:

    I think you are off to the right start. Easiest to market and sell to people that are like you.

    You understand their needs and frustrations.

    I would start with taking your target audiences needs or problems and figuring out how you can address them.
    Maybe for First Time Home Buyers part of their frustration is understanding the process or all the terminology. How can you minimize the frustration for them.

    Let me state first off that I am biased, but when it comes to marketing and real estate I think the internet is your best bet. Setup your personal site and then begin building out resources on your site that First Time Home Buyers of patio homes might need.

    pay per click advertising is a venue that you should also explore.

    If you need some more tips on Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing feel free to subscribe to our SEO Tip of the day at http://www.reachd.com/Newsletter

    Hope that helps — good luck!

  3. Anthony says:

    In this market, it’s all about marketing and if you are getting started, you probably want to do that without spending a fortune.

    I would find someone who has a marketing system that works who will allow you to partner with them. Also, our company has a system that produces a dozen or more leads per day and we partner with real estate agents in local markets to handle the real estate transaction as we handle the mortgage. We also follow up with the client for the next 4 years which keeps your name in front of the client for repeat business and/or referrals.

    Other ways of getting business are:

    > conducting first time buyer seminars.

    > sending mailers to apartments (you have to be committed to this because doing it just once won’t produce results.

    >start a blog that focuses on first time buyer needs.

    Hope that helps.

  4. Terry S says:

    Start a newsletter called the “sub-division name news” and mail it to the people who live there.

    You can also do a web site just for that complex and offer all the news pertinent to that complex on your web site.

    Hope this helps.

    Terry S.


  5. MarketYou says:

    Relationship Marketing is the key. Market to EVERYONE you know. Let them know you a realtor and you would appreciate their referrals etc…

    Use http://www.simplyconnecting.com – they offer a system for realtors to (1) contact their warm market to introduce to whom they already know (2)keep in touch with their clients so their clients dont forget them (3) maintain loyal clients.

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