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Airbrush True Fire Flames Templates

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www.chuckbauman.com This is a free video shows the easy way to get free templates and stencils for all your airbrush art – True Fire Realistic Flames, icons, skulls, pinup girls portraits, etc. All for free! Stop wasting money on such overpriced template and stencil sets that you raced virtually duplicate the same technology as all the others. Have genuine own artistic work that way. If you save a lot of money, it’s easy, and you have to do to be a real artist and real-time, various art instead of custom hack copies of the same template that gets everyone else. Stop buying Mercedes for the executive branch in the template and template company that you charge thousands of times their cost for these items. Make your own and keep that money you would have spent on their gouging cheap plastic and make more money by standing as a real true custom painter, not a hack wannabe. http
Video Rating: 4 / 5

10 Responses to “Airbrush True Fire Flames Templates”

  1. DJMetalstone says:

    Maaaaybe he is Sam ^ ^

  2. hermanbong74 says:

    Good stuff.

  3. retrogazele says:

    nice video .. Get automatic speech recognition on xp .. SAM Sound! haha

  4. superbee1970 says:

    Hi Chuck, Great Art Airbrush man! REALLY good tips as well! Sprayin the home-made paper templates w / clear is a lifesaver! My paper templates were confused because of the color to get them! Clearing help SO MUCH! Estimate that the peak special! THANK YOU THANK U THANK U U! …

  5. trikerguy62 says:

    Very helpful tip! Thanks.

  6. psychodelicdragon says:

    Super advice! Like your own thing, not everyone elses out there!

  7. 1999BlackDakotaRT says:

    Excellent idea, good info, thanks!

  8. moze304 says:

    I like this guy! … very dull. a lot of these seem to airbrush lessons, the boys like dueshbags … I can hear this guy tho .. I hope he is .. after a few more videos quite creative and hilfsbereit.Dank

  9. sweetjumps69 says:

    sweet videos dude. nothing better and more original than do it yourself

  10. SILVERHORSE347 says:

    Thanks for the advice Chuck. I have also noticed that the plastic for sale signs last for some time and really cheap. You can run thruogh most printers and cut with an X-Acto knife. They are affected as by UV light and was brittle, so they stay out of the light when not in use.

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