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Which Affiliate Programs Generate The Most Money?

Any affiliate program can earn you a lot of money. It’s about finding programs that fit YOUR niche. blog.2createawebsite.com
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25 Responses to “Which Affiliate Programs Generate The Most Money?”

  1. AffiliateSuperstar says:


  2. samiwistler says:

    The ability to be familiar with HTML was not always a necessity, but it could help

  3. sanih2020 says:

    totally agreed…great vid lisa…i just love your videos…really insightful….yes its all about targeted traffic

  4. SilverSnowball101 says:

    Great info, I want to sit back and watch all your videos and I will. Thanks!

  5. Jude2Mahoney says:

    Lisa, great, informative vids as ever. Keep up the good work mate. Cheers, Jude.

  6. bvnmsabnmv says:

    Inteligent people do exist.

  7. alienenigma says:

    I made a lot of money using affiliates. I’m not surprised to hear how people can become rich through this over a year or two. If done properly, you can tap into a gold mine. Advents like paypal make it where its anyone’s game. The Internet Age will produce the new Rockefellers and etc.

  8. LihtsaltMarek says:

    great video, very educating.. you go girl! :)

  9. Paralyt1c says:

    I really enjoy your videos, I think you’re one of the realest most honest people in this business that I’ve seen to date.
    And you’re deffinetly someone I feel privilaged to learn from as I start my own way in this business.

  10. kenzo11999 says:

    @CassidyForester1 Thx for the website, just bought a program and it seems promissing :)

  11. CassidyForester1 says:

    I bought a few programs that didn’t work, totally lost 260 dollars! I now found one that makes a bit of money on fastmoneylinks(.com) Anyone else found a program that works? Please let me know! I’m now making 75 dollars a day but I want to get the big money… Greetings

  12. Schwartzvald1 says:

    i know this may be irrelevant but you ate sexness = sexy Mc2

  13. cedriclovesaaron says:

    your pretty

  14. nn42958 says:

    good advice thank you.

  15. megs060708 says:

    well said sistah!!

  16. TonyCordingley says:

    Most people don’t like to hear the truth…..they just live in a fools paradise! “Join our affiliate program and make tons of easy fast cash”……It just doesn’t happen that way!
    Affiliate marketing is a “business” and like any business it takes time and work to make it successful.
    Well done Lisa for telling it how it is. Common sense is in short supply these days…..especially where “get rich quick” programs are concerned.

  17. GaloreMusic says:

    wow lisa hasn’t made a video in ages

  18. StvRich says:

    This was a good video too, like the one about why your blog makes 0 dollars… you can see/feel the genuine experience from your delivery. The years of experience…

  19. charith244 says:

    Hey Lisa i tried loads of sites & now its hard to say which one is reall & which one is not coz ihave been spooked twice meaning about close to $175.00 can you recommend some Data entry sites where i could really earn som cash. im like dead busted i need help from you please e mail me @ charith@y7mail.com BTW keep up da good work gal

  20. almodovare1 says:

    yes people are lazy! You don’t have to do the work for them, they have to make their own searches and test out what program works well!

  21. wynn455 says:


  22. tmoctjmcgee says:

    Wow! I am In Love!!

  23. Ichliebemusikundybd says:

    Excellent video, thanks for the advise

  24. MrOsoto83 says:

    Love the info Lisa, your the best.

  25. jbeltran206 says:

    Great Video! Thanks for uploading

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